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New Stuff-

8/18- ~~Hell Girls  II

8/2- Tactics Elemental DLC 1 complete. Save updated.

7/21- Not a game, but changing Jast links to Jlist as Jast no longer has an affiliate system.





These are in alphabetical order, and the name will link to the post about it. Numerals links at end of titles lead to download sites, I to mediafire and II to 4shared. Store link leads to a purchase page for that game.

Double ~ at the start of a game name means it does not have its own post.


Aching Dreams 2nd Session     II

Aching Dreams 3- The Dark Planet  I   II

Adventure World -Alisa the Swordsman- I   II

Agent Alona- The Japan Investigation  II

Ariadne  I   II

Arms Devicer!+     II

Ass Effect Episode 2     II

Ass Effect Episode 3     II


Beat Blades Haruka I   II  Store

~~Boob Wars: Big Breasts vs Flat Chests  II  Store

~~Brave Soul  I   II  Store

Break Into DlSite     II

Bunny Black     II

Bunny Black 2 I   II


~~Cannonball ~Neko Neko Machine Mou Race!~ II

Castle Fantasia: The Sacred War Renewel   I   II

~~Castle of Succubus  II

~~Chaorise  II  Store

Civilian Justice Company  I

Cum On! Bukkake Ranch ~Rear Elementals into Wet, Horny Girls~     II  Store


Daibanchou-Big Bang Age     II

~~Dark Wind- Wrath of King Vasily  I   II

Demon Master Chris     II  Store

Demon World Cave Lulu Farea ~Defeat, Screw, Marry!~ II

Despair Labyrinth     II

Drop Factory    II

Duel Savior Justice/Destiny  

Dungeons and Dolls     II

~~Dungeon of Corruption    II   Store

~~Dungeon X Quest  I   II


Ecchi Mery and the Perils of the Cosmic Shrine  II  Store

Eiyu*Senki- The World Conquest  I   II  Store

~~Eroico    II  Store

~~Erotical Night I   II

Escape from Fort Rugoem  I   II

Exhibitionist and Chimaera I   II


~~Fate/Hollow Ataraxia    II


Ghost Town Gunsweeper    II

GleyFloor  II


Haramikko Tamer Aria    II

~~Hell Girls  II

Hero in the Pocket II

~~Hikaru Senki  II

~~Holy Grail of Alharahn    II

~~HuniePop  I   II  Store


I Came to Buy a Few Herbs     II

~~Infected City  I   II


~~JC Fight    II


~~Kaeru no Panyo~n I   II

Kamidori Alchemy Meister     II

~~Kara no Shojo I   II  Store

~~Kara no Shojo The Second Episode I   II  Store

~~Karmasutra   II

Kichikuou Rance II

~~Kingdom  I   II

~~Koihime Musou ~A Heart-Throbbing, Maidenly Romance of the Three Kingdoms~  II  Store


Legend of Queen Opala- Golden Edition     II

Legend of Queen Opala 2- Golden Edition     II

~~Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude- Uncut & Uncensored  I   II

Lightning Warrior Raidy 1- Tower of Sado     II  Store

Lightning Warrior Raidy 2- Temple of Desire     II  Store

Lightning Warrior Raidy 3  I   II  Store

Lina and the Crystal of Wishes  I   II


Magica ~Lord of the Magic Books~  I   II

Magician of the Olceta Desert    II

~~Mamatoto ~a record of war~  I   II

Marionette Fantasy  I   II

Married Women Emma-Ruins of the Ancient Empire I   II

Marunomi     II

Masked Superheroine: The Green Shadow Rachel     II

Mature Quest    II

Men at Work 2~Welcome to Hunter’s Academy~     II

~~Milftown  I   II

~~Milftown Adventure I   II

Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Bancho     II

~~Moero Downhill Night Blaze  I   II  Store

Monster Girl Quest ~Lose And Be Raped~     II

~~Mutiny!!    II

~~My Church  I   II


~~Nagisa Ninpouchou  I   II

Noxian Nights    II


~~Onsen Hime Games(Secret Pleasures, Secret Rendezous, Limited #1, CPS)  I   II

~~Orc Castle    II   Store

Orc Strike ~Revenge War of Gregory~     II

Ouroboros    II  Store

Overwhored I   II


Parallel Fantasy     II

Pretty Soldier War A.D. 2048     II  Store

~~Princess Ren Returns I   II

~~Princess Trainer Gold  I   II

Princess Waltz     II  Store

Puppeteer of Prizna, The    II

~~Purino Party    II


Rance 02 ~The Rebellious Maidens~  I   II

Rance III ~Fall of Leazas~  I   II

Rance IV ~Legacy of the Sect~ I   II

Rance 4.1+2 -Save the Medicine Plant!- & -Angel Army-     II

Rance 5D -The Lonely Girl- II  Store

Rance 6 -Collapse of Zeth- II  Store

~~Really? Really!  I   II  Store

Revenge of the Swordsman Millia  II

Rhode’s Fortress  I II

~~Rise Senki Sinemonica II

Romanesque II  Store

Rune’s Pharmacy    II


Sacred Eyes     I     II

Saki Quest     II

~~Sakura Dungeon  I   II

Sakurako Matrix  I   II

Salvation  I

Sangeki no Gear    II

Seinarukana    II  Store

Sengoku NEET    II

Sengoku Rance     II

~~Sexy Beach 3 Plus/Gravure  II


Shei Sei Dan    II

Shinobi Buster Mizuna  II

~~SKUNK III Godkiller  I   II

~~SKUNK 4.1 Lighthouse of Sylos  I   II


~~Succubus Hunter II

Sunrider Academy  II

~~Sunrider Liberation Day  II

Survivor Sarah     II


Tactics Elemental    II

Tears to Tiara     II

~~tenant  I   II

The Dungeon     II

The Nobleman’s Retort  I

~~The Tower of Succubus II

Thief & Sword     II

Thug Hero Party    II

Tomoyo After ~It’s A Wonderful Life~ aka Dungeon’s and Takafumi’s     II

~~Toushin Toshi  I   II

Toushin Toshi II     II


Utawarerumono     II


Violated Hero 1- I Wanted to Chivalrously Save The World     II

Violated Hero 2- A Throbbing Hardon Even Though I Lost     II

Violated Hero 3- My to Sensitive Cock     II

Virgin Island ~A Virgin Goddess~     II

Vitamin Quest II


whatever    II

Welcome to Pia Carrot!! PX-FX Version  I   II

Words Worth XP I   II


Xross Scramble     II

XVI~The Tower of Liz~    II


~~Yukkuri Panic Escalation I   II  Store

Yumina the Ethereal   I   II  Store

~~YU-NO- The Girl that Chants Love at the Edge of the World  I   II


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