H Scene Count- 67

Created by Alice-soft, translated by Mangagamer Purchase

Length- 30~ hours, an extra 5~ if you go for 100% for grinding and searching

Here we have it. That game drawn by the Senran Kagura artist… who also drew or worked on 15 other games. I’m going to start by talking about that.

Yaegashi Nan has done art work in some form for around 15 other VN’s other then this one. The only thing special about Evenicle is the coloring is so obviously the same as Senran’s cgs, but Drapeko has the same coloring. Hell none of the games he’s worked on look like Senran Kagura to me. You would expect a lot of average height huge chested women… but none of his projects have that. Even in this, only about 5 girls are large out of the 20+. It’s just weird to me that Nan being the artist is what everyone talks about when Evenicle comes up, and its not really the porn Senran game people would probably imagine it to be with the way people talk about it.


So let’s start with a slight lore thing. Evenicle takes place basically in an altered Ranceverse. Monsters and most lore translate over. Like Hannies being immune to magic, god’s being in charge of levels, and fish being insects. But there is a big difference thanks to this world’s mother I guess? Note she isn’t the creator, she gave birth to a bunch of species but she didn’t make the world, someone else made her. That will be important for the eventual sequel.

So, this mother gave two rules to humans. The first is don’t kill others. Special individuals get the right to do this, but in general people can’t kill others. Second, any single individual can only have penetrative sex/”marry” a single person. Breaking either of these rules puts a black ring on your finger and makes it so that if you try to live off the land, you can’t. Any food you harvest rots, water you gather stagnates, and so on. The mother left one other thing. If you pray to her, you literally release the negative emotions you preyed about. So if you prey about lusting after someone, your lust decreases, same with anger and other sins/desires. Those three things the mother gave humans form the backbone of every major character motivation for the plot of Evenicle.

As for the game itself, you play as Asterisk. He grew up on in the boonies with two women he calles his sisters who basically raised him. When asked which he wanted to marry, he couldn’t choose and so he sets off to become a knight, the sole way to marry more then a single individual in the world. Then his sisters tell him to not only get enough marriage slots for them, but for him to marry great women. So off he goes. he almost drowns swimming to the main land where he meets the first of many attractive women he will eventually marry.

On his way to become a knight he encounters a group known as Snake Crest. A bunch of outlaws, people who have black rings, attempting to kill and rape as they please. Asterisk fights back to protect women and so on. You learn about how the world came to be, meet and fight a bunch of people, and prevent war which has never occurred in this world and people wants it to stay that way.

So Aster is basically a male Rance. Kinda. He has the lust and obsession with tits and sex. He has more endurance then Rance does. But Aster doesn’t rape. In this world he is a ball of lust, and somehow through proclaiming girls are cute he gets wives. Literally every girl he calls cute gets surprised by him doing so and eventually marries him. Or has some none penetration sex with him. The problem though, for me at least, is that Aster is just lust. There are a few scenes where he treats his wives well enough and seems to want a family, but for the most part all he does is talk about porn or sex. The only reason he does anything is either to get promoted so he can marry more girls, or protect girls because he doesn’t like seeing them get hurt. He doesn’t have the black humor that Rance has, and honestly I just don’t like him. Like I can’t tell that he cares about his girls at all as anything more then sex objects, whcih the game tryies to tell you that he sees them as poeple and that their pleasure is as important to him as his own, but the contant doesn’t really reflect that to me. They try to show that he does care, but I just didn’t feel it. Lust is literally all he has, and it makes the relationships with his wives feel shallow no matter how hard they try to show that’s not how it is.

Honestly, I love the world and the way the lore is used in the story for character motivations. Stuff like that, with actual depth, is cool to me. As much as I don’t like Aster I do enjoy the world. The silly little map events for special locations where some of my favorite bits in the entire game. If I had to say what my favorite part of Evenicle is, it would be the world lore, no question.


So it’s a turn based RPG, with a skill equip system. Skills are found in chests and rarely gained after battles. You use BP to use skills, which you can have up to five(it’s the circle thing on the character shots above). Every turn you get one and these basically make the combat kinda boring as most turns you either do a basic attack because you don’t have BP, or you use the one other attack skills you have as you get enough BP to use it. You can brake it up with elements and group attacks, but it takes hours to get to the point that you have the variety and points to equip these skills. At least you can’t heal loop as the heal spells are honestly garbage. 5 BP and single cast per battle. Healing in general is actually hard to do. You eventually just start using the level up anywhere item as a tent so you can keep going through the dungeon because everyone in the party is at 1 HP and you can’t beat anything. Combat is an endurance run in a way.

Honestly I don’t feel like there’s a lot to say about the combat. It starts simple because you just have Aster and only a couple skills, half of which are worthless. Aster is a Magic Knight, with garbage magic stats. he is the only character with a weapon that branches into physical or magical, but the + to magic is so bad that they barely raises his damage at all. Thankfully, you never need him to cast.

Quickly enough, you get the 4 combat wives and they do give you more combat options but they all fall into very obvious roles. The most unique thing about combat is the rewards honestly. If an item drops from a fight, its an upgraded form of something you have equipped. So as you get better stuff you get better stuff from fighting. It’s weird and kinda interesting.

Overall the combat is mostly easy, and way to often. Fights are constant even with the skill to lower encounters and following roads to reduce rate you still get into fights all the time. While some bosses and a very small number of optional bosses do have gimmicks that make them challenging, a majority of the game is easy and kinda mind numbing. It doesn’t help that you get a cut scene every twenty feet either. This game throws slice of life and plot stuff at you constantly. I guess its to balance the ridiculous encounter rate but it changes up the pace to often to the point where it feels like the game isn’t sure what it wants to focus on.

Honestly I wouldn’t be this hard on the game if I could map skills to like the number pad or something. Having to move over to the lower right of the screen for every action(because every turn the mouse jumps back to the currently selected enemy) just made me end up spamming attack instead because it was faster. Using touch controls might have fixed that, but I really wish there was a quick way to choose and use skills so that I actually wanted to use them.

H and Other stuff

So Nan is the artist, which is weird and cool. For the most part I like his art and barring a few weird faces in the sex scenes, it does enhance the sex appeal of the game. The game’s main fetish is vanilla penetration, because despite how pervy Aster is he doesn’t really seem to try anything new. The game has like 6 total foreplay scenes in the entire thing, and even though its basically a harem game very few scenes have multiple girls(though a lot have the other girls watching). After vanilla the next big fetish is gangrape. Every girl you meet that Aster doesn’t marry/try to have a kid with will be gangraped or monster attacked. No exception. Which is another issue I have, but I complained enough already. Girls are the usual variety. Of Aster’s 10 wives you have 3 stacked girls, 4 flat girls and three average. They get the most scenes in the game, but just about any girl gets a scene of some sort. Scenes are medium length and usually have very silly or outrageous reasons for why they happen. Especially some of the stupid justifications for why Aster can have sex with people that he doesn’t marry. He gets around the rules a lot at end game.

Verdict and Save

I wanted to like this and I heard good things. Sadly I only consider it average after finishing it. I just don’t like Aster, I only care for about half his wives and don’t really like anyone else. Part of this is the lack of cool male characters outside of Aster. Rance has a lot of good male characters who stand up to the girls for character, Aster’s male cast is either beta as fuck and has their girls raped and then give up entirely or are villains with cliche reasons. The kings are the only decent males and none of them really stand out as great, and two of them try to throw themselves to death to much. Beyond the disappointing cast is the gameplay which while enjoyable at some parts is mostly just spamming attack to end fights quickly. If they lessened the encounter rate and upped the xp and money gain it would probably fix this, plus hot keys for skill usage and I would probably like the combat but alas…

Play Evenicle if you want to. Personally I didn’t care for it, but in Japan it’s one of the most popular AliceSoft games that isn’t Rance. It’s just not my type of game and I hope the eventual sequel works on developing Aster just a bit so he feels less like just a ball of lust and more like a character. Or give him a kid. I want to see if any girl works for him. Or will he be like Rance and actually develop as a human once he has a child?

I’ve seen someone mention Aster as being more of a vehicle to get the heroines together and I can definitely see that. He’s honest and straightforward so we can rush through heroine development. He’s simple so the girls quirks and stories can take center stage. And you know what? In most VN’s/hentai games that makes complete sense. I just hate it. I have to see the world from a boring character’s perspective just so the girls can shine? Not fun. I want the damn main character to be a damn character. Not a pervy self insert or a plot coupon, which Aster’s backstory makes him into. Generally I don’t like vanilla harem protags because they are gutless, directionless, tend to have perv as their only state, and boring and Aster checks every damn box for me to dislike.


Save has all the galleries full(cg, replay and music), and a save at endgame with a full collection which gives the gal monster cgs as well as a number of flirty and world lore conversations. Even the stupid Lucky Can Can was gotten, a monster with a 1% or less spawn rate that can run away after its first turn whenever. It took four hours of grinding but I got it.



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