Revenge of the Swordsman Millia

H Scene Count – 15
Created by ワイヤレスワッペン, translated by Cadgy, buyable on dlsite
length- 2-4 hours

RPG Maker VXAce game. You play as a slim redheaded swordswoman who wants revenge. Very standard game.

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Sakurako Matrix

H Scene Count- 22 scenes and 7 cgs
Created by Adult’s Hobby, and translated by Djweish
Length- 4-10 hours

Sakurako Matrix is an RPG Maker Xp game that uses the Majora’s Mask formula of repeating three days while also throwing in tentacle porn.

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Lina and the Crystal of Wishes

H Scene Count- 18+ 2 joke scenes
Created by Souzai Soft and translated by SMDC Translations. Buyable on dlsite.
Length- 6-8 hours

This is an RPG Maker VXAce game where you play as Lina, a girl looking for her mother in a dungeon that changes shape. Here she meets two other girls looking for things in the dungeon and they set off on a surprisingly well done journey that tells the stories of the three girls and that of the dungeon itself.

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