Fallen -Makina and the City of Ruins-

H Scene Count- 51 in scene gallery + a couple replayable in town

Created by Another Story, localized by Kagura games

Length- 4-6 hours


New localisation group, Kagura Games brought this RPG Maker MV game over. From what I can tell they are trying to be a good Sakuragamer, aka good translations at a reasonable price. This is their first product and it’s a thing. It is a very standard corruption rpg with I guess bigger boobs then normal.


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Venus Blood -Chimera-

H Scene Count- 92

Created by Dual Tail, translated by hybridtransaltion

Length- ?(I skipped everything and got 100% in about 5 hours)


Venus Blood -Chimera- is a sex raising sim. It’s main theme(that the entire Venus Blood series shares) is corruption. Turning “pure” into tainted beings. This is considered one of the weakest entries and one of the few that isn’t more of an RPG/strategy game. It’s basically completely against my tastes(rape, tentacles, corruption) so I skipped most of the game. I read some heroine route bits and the true end to know what happened but skipped every h scene.


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Some Nutaku Stuff: Foto Flash and Karmasutra

Before we get to the main game things, I want to mention Shards of Eradine, a pokemon like game of sorts. I was going to throw a save for that up when I finished it, but my game is a broken mess. It has cgs and story scenes unlocked as you play, except for me only the first 30 of 180+ story scenes unlock, and they don’t stay locked between play sessions. As for the cgs, I have a few where one stage of evolution will not unlock for whatever reason even though I have that tier in my box. I reached out to the dev team and Nutaku and they told me it was my fault so fuck it, I gave up. If someone can 100% that, send it my way and I’ll throw it up. I’m never finishing the thing.


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The Spirit Master of Retarnia ~Conqueror of the Labrynth~

H Scene Count- 27

Created by Lunasoft, published by Mangagamer

Length- 10~ hours


Spirit Master of Retarnia is a dungeon crawler with randomized loot made by Lunasoft. Release by Mangagamer in English in early 2018, it’s a game I was looking forward to not because it’s good. It’s meh really. I just wanted a game with routes so I probably have a slightly optimistic view toward the game even though it didn’t deliver on what I wanted at all.

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