Pretty Soldier Wars A.D.2048

H-Scene Count- 30

Created by D.O., published by Peach Princess(owned by J-ast).

Length- 3-4 hours


Just like with Raidy, the version we got brought over is a graphically updated version of this game, which is its only good point.


Pretty Soldier is a strategy game in which you are the commander of a group of bio-soldiers dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear war that created monsters(I think, its been a while). Just after being commissioned you are sent out with your team of 6 bio-soldiers, one human, and a mech(suit that has a girl inside). You fight, come back to base, go out to protect some politicians plane, fight, come back, protect a school which by doing so the monsters┬áretreat and the game is over. That’s it. The plot is garbage. Some meeting happens and the monsters decide they can’t win. That’s it.

The characters have about as much personality as the game has a plot. Two have an emotional response to events, but those fizzle out and are never dealt with or used for anything other then a couple more lines of dialogue as they tell you that they are fine. In the end you will know the characters by their guns and looks, not by traits. In fact, you learn more about the characters through their bios then from anything else. And the male lead? Nonexistent. He is literally just a penis for the scenes he is needed. He does or adds nothing, just a bad self insert. People talk at him or to each other, never really to him, and the few times he deigns to speak it is just an order of engagement.


Gameplay could have been alright. You have a few different units who can only move and attack, all with different ranges and movement range. No specials, but that’s all right no real problem, just kind of boring. You have two pistol user, two rifles, a sword, a shotgun, and a minigatling gun. Now here’s where the game starts to really bother me. It doesn’t tell you anything. Monsters have different armor types(and so do your people), but there’s no sense or hint as to what is weak to what, so through trial and error you might be able to find out some weakness triangle thing.

But finding that out means you need to hit things, which when the game tells you you have a 90% chance to hit, you actually have about 20-50%. You will miss all the damn time, but so will the enemies, but since they outnumber you it means less for them. Oh and if your surrounded their hit chance flies through the roof, but to have an actual chance of hitting anything you can’t move and shoot in the same turn. So combine no user information with user hostile combat, and a manual without any good information(just a how to play) or useful walkthroughs to tell you any of this.

Let me quickly go over enemies. This is something of a positive actually, there are a number of enemy sprites. For just having 9 fights there are at least 20-30 different enemy types(including bosses, of which there are at least 2 per fight) all with varied stats and types. The fact that the enemies have more variety then your characters is just a sad realization though. Enemies are either evasive, tanks, worthless, or ranged. So either they waste or time by dodging everything, waste your time by taking way to many hits, waste your time by barely being a threat, or murder you without you standing a chance since they can fire through walls and allies. I am sure the variety is because the three games reuse every enemy, but I could be wrong. I don’t care.

As for leveling, the game has it. You gain invisible experience only by killing enemies and level up after a full mission is done, and you get more xp from killing boss types. Each girl’s h-scene requires her to be a certain level, so a replay is almost a must by the way. So levels. You go from level 1 to 5(no idea what the actual max is, just an example), and what does it change? HP, Movement, def? No, the effects are as invisible as the experience points. Your chances to succeed increase, meaning past the first area you never want to use anyone other then your 5 main’s that survived mission 1, but if they died in battle they get no more use till mission 1 is over and are now useless from lack of leveling. The worst part of the game is the final part of mission 2, for whatever reason with this shitty slow gameplay where you can barely influence anything and achieve anything they decided to include a timed level. Beat the level within 30 “turns”, but since you miss so much and at least one of your good members has probably died by then and its just horrible.

H scenes and other things

H-scenes are shit to by the way. 2-5 line scenes for each character which do nothing(no routes, no bonuses, no personality) and the same number of lines from the countless tentacle attacked girls in battle. Each boss has one, and you see the scene when it first enters combat. The scenes are voiced, and the art is good, but the scenes are so short and uninspired only tentacle lovers would enjoy them at all.

I believe every person who calls them self a gamer has a game they hate, to compare all other games against as a metric “can I deal with this?” tool. This is mine, any game better then this has already hit decent in my mind and I can enjoy it. A game worse then this I ignore forever.

No one should play this game. This should never have been brought over, and whoever made the decision was a complete idiot or got it for dirt cheap. Luckily Peach Princess(or J-ast USA) was smart enough to never bring the sequels over as they are sure to be just as bad.

Save contains all scenes and cg. Honestly the cg is more worth it then the scenes, but whatever.

Pretty Soldier War A.D. 2048

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