Sister Control

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H Scene Count-18~

Created by , translated by Kagura Games

Length- 6-8 hours


Wolf Maker RPG, that despite the title is not about incest. Our protagonist is a bit weird to say the least and has a fetish or obsession, I guess? Anyway he has all the girls call him big bro and he calls all of them his little sisters. It’s more of a roleplay or title kind of thing. Might have to do with what the words in Japanese mean combined with a lot of romancification.

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Niplheim’s Hunter-Branded Azel-

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H Scene Count- 30 not counting enemy battle scenes, of which there are about 40 with many of them being reused.

Created by Black Train, translated by HappyHand

Length- 2:30 hours for me, probably another hour if you read all the porn.


Turn based Wolf maker game. Mostly a monster hunting game where you make new armor(from the corpses of your enemies) for new scenes.


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Domination Quest: Kuro & the Naughty Monster Girls

Merry Christmas!

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H Scene Count- 60+

Created by Kokage no Izumi, translated by creator. Mostly readable with some glaring issues here and there

Length-6 or so hours


Monster Girl Unity RPG. Not exactly about domination sexually, it’s one of the nicer monster girl games. This is part 1 of who knows how many as currently this doesn’t really have ending.

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The Last Sovereign

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H Scene Count-50+

Created by Sierra Lee, Patreon

Length- 40+ hours right now


This is an RPG Maker VXAce game. To describe it briefly, it’s a choices matter dark take on the whole demon lord versus the world plot, I guess? Honestly it’s what Overwhored should have been game wise. Oh, and it’s h scenes are text only. And unlike Lee’s other games(Ouroboros and Desecration of Wings) this is the standard patreon updated over time title.


Note, unlike how I try to keep up with versions of other patreon games I’ll likely not do that with this one. I don’t want to play this piecemeal, 1-3 hours of content a month or whatever. So I’m going to wait a couple of versions before updating my saves and my thoughts.

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My New Life V .20

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H Scene Count- To Many

Created by Begger of Net Patreon

Length-30 hours or something

This is a, I think, Spanish or Mexican made RPG Maker MX game. It’s on patreon and has all the hallmarks of those kinds of projects.

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Mega Milk Story

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H Scene Count- 25~

Created by Sugarstar, translated by Citadel Translations

Length- 6-8 hours

RPG maker game about raising a cow girl. Has some ugly sprites, a sim aspect and some action RPG combat. It’s a mess of things.

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Patreon and a game I made called An Excorcist’s Modern Life


I made the thing. Please support if you can.

Most posts will not be on the patreon, only polls for deciding games when I have nothing in particular I want to play and reviews for things related to patreon will be on it. First poll is free to everyone.

Also, I made a twitter to keep people up to date on what I’m playing. It will mostly be for progress things such as when I start a game or finish one. Might also complain about game design every one in a while and maybe ask for help.



So anyway to celebrate Patreon I’m releasing my only finished h game. I made this game last year and just finally ran through it to make sure it worked. I’m releasing it as a gift of sorts and to celebrate me trying to support myself though this blog. There’s some iffy parts to it and some puzzles I outright removed or simplified because the original was annoying or just didn’t work.

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True Love ~Jun’ai Monogatari~

H Scene Count- 10~ not counting endings

Created by Software House Parley, translated by Jast and Asenheim

Length- 10+ hours if you don’t hold the skip button the entire time.

True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~

So this is one of the old classics that I had an interest in. I had some free time do to life events so I decided to head into this for a bit. Then I found out neither of my computers could run the actual game. Makes sense, this is a 23 year old game after all. Then I remember the Asenheim Project. A group of people who ported a bunch of the old classics into javascript programs so you could play them on the net. So that’s the version I played and have saves for.


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