My New Life V .19

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H Scene Count- To Many

Created by Begger of Net Patreon

Length-30 hours or something

This is a, I think, Spanish or Mexican made RPG Maker MX game. It’s on patreon and has all the hallmarks of those kinds of projects.

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Mega Milk Story

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H Scene Count- 25~

Created by Sugarstar, translated by Citadel Translations

Length- 6-8 hours

RPG maker game about raising a cow girl. Has some ugly sprites, a sim aspect and some action RPG combat. It’s a mess of things.

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Patreon and a game I made called An Excorcist’s Modern Life


I made the thing. Please support if you can.

Most posts will not be on the patreon, only polls for deciding games when I have nothing in particular I want to play and reviews for things related to patreon will be on it. First poll is free to everyone.

Also, I made a twitter to keep people up to date on what I’m playing. It will mostly be for progress things such as when I start a game or finish one. Might also complain about game design every one in a while and maybe ask for help.



So anyway to celebrate Patreon I’m releasing my only finished h game. I made this game last year and just finally ran through it to make sure it worked. I’m releasing it as a gift of sorts and to celebrate me trying to support myself though this blog. There’s some iffy parts to it and some puzzles I outright removed or simplified because the original was annoying or just didn’t work.

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True Love ~Jun’ai Monogatari~

H Scene Count- 10~ not counting endings

Created by Software House Parley, translated by Jast and Asenheim

Length- 10+ hours if you don’t hold the skip button the entire time.

True Love ~Jun'ai Monogatari~

So this is one of the old classics that I had an interest in. I had some free time do to life events so I decided to head into this for a bit. Then I found out neither of my computers could run the actual game. Makes sense, this is a 23 year old game after all. Then I remember the Asenheim Project. A group of people who ported a bunch of the old classics into javascript programs so you could play them on the net. So that’s the version I played and have saves for.


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H Scene Count- 67

Created by Alice-soft, translated by Mangagamer Purchase

Length- 30~ hours, an extra 5~ if you go for 100% for grinding and searching

Here we have it. That game drawn by the Senran Kagura artist… who also drew or worked on 15 other games. I’m going to start by talking about that.

Yaegashi Nan has done art work in some form for around 15 other VN’s other then this one. The only thing special about Evenicle is the coloring is so obviously the same as Senran’s cgs, but Drapeko has the same coloring. Hell none of the games he’s worked on look like Senran Kagura to me. You would expect a lot of average height huge chested women… but none of his projects have that. Even in this, only about 5 girls are large out of the 20+. It’s just weird to me that Nan being the artist is what everyone talks about when Evenicle comes up, and its not really the porn Senran game people would probably imagine it to be with the way people talk about it.

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Harem Collector V .36

H Scene Count- 50~?

Created by Badkittygames, patreon

Length- 20 or so hours right now

The game is currently going to the above artstyle from the below.

This is one of the older RPG Maker h games, and one of the only RPG’s I know of that has time management as a game mechanic. I was playing this religiously back in 2015-16. This is the first time I’ve played it since then and it has almost doubled in content. It’s something of an homage to a bunch of different games, with Rance being the biggest inspiration. Oh, its not not done yet, but even though the version number is really low its closer to half done, with a big chunk of that being none plot missions.



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Summertime Saga(V.16)

This is a thing I’ll be doing. I usually try to avoid unfinished projects but when I’m bored I sometime just jump into them and this one has caught my attention enough.

This is one of the best funded patreon h games, Summertime Saga is more or less an in-progress dating sim with minigames. It’s suppose to update every other month or so, but its patreon so that isn’t enforced. Anyway, I more or less enjoy the game so anytime I decide to go play it I’ll update my scene gallery save for it here and update the title accordingly. The plan is to update every other update, but it really will depend on if I have anything else that I want to do.

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