Milky Quest

H Scene Count- 20

Created by Bluelab, translated by Rare_Cats

Length- 2-3 hours.

WolfRPG, pixel sex combat RPG. Lots of ass and mostly loli’s. Not much else to say.



You are a guy who ends up in another world. A witch who happens to be nearby tells you to defeat monster girls with your dick. It works. She tells you that you can’t orgasm or you might lose/die. After making her suck you off you go through the forest and end up working for the witch, collecting monster parts in four different areas. That’s it.


Boring combat. In fights you have escape, items, and fuck. There’s only three usable items, and fuck is your only attack option. You can watch the animations of the same two thrusts then have them do their slightly different but still only two thrusts back at you for 5+ turns to win. Then do it again. Then again. Then again.

There’s two pieces of equipment in this game. A regen ring, and an experience boosting ring. I missed the experience one so I had to grind a bit more then needed, but even with the xp boost you still need to grind. Every area tracks your levels separately for some reason, so you have to go from level 1 to about seven four times. With only four normal enemies per area, you have to fight the same enemies way to many times to be able to fight the next enemy and finally the boss. Then do it again. And again. You get the point?

This is probably the biggest worry I have anytime I play a sex combat game. A lack of options or moves that makes combat a chore with no way to speed things up. Erotical Night did it right, but this one really doesn’t. Oh, and this has lose scenes which is where the actual h scenes happen. The gallery is just a room where you can refight everyone, so luckily you get an instakill self item.

H Scenes and Other Stuff

The scenes mostly go to the female on male rape with some sadism side. Most of the girls treat you like trash or food, only good for sperm and children. Every scene is basically the girl doing their attack animation on loop while a couple lines of dialogue play out. It’s alright.

I liked the artstyle though the amount of girls facing away from you in battle or taking awkward as hell positions for their sex animations was weird to see. Lots of loli in this though, so I’m not giving any screenshots at all.

Verdict and Save

I liked the art and the scenes were decent, but the grind was real and the combat was boring. It’s basically just doing a series of stat checks until you beat all the bosses, then wander around until you find the endgame portal which unlocks debug mode which is the gallery. I don’t even think the monster parts do anything. Basically play this only for the porn, it has nothing else. Really just use the this save and go straight to the gallery to, reaching the bosses is just really boring.


Save gives access to the debug room, where you can fight any enemy for their scene and see some drawn art from the four areas.

Milky Quest



2 responses to “Milky Quest

    • You mean adding the translation file to the game? First, do you have arc converter? It’s needed to extract the files for wolf maker games so you can add/change things. Once you have that drag the Data.wolf file onto it and it will extract the things into a new folder. Rename the folder to Data, and then drag and drop the patch files to that folder. Then it will work.

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