School of Lust V.2.1

H Scene Count- The game says ~20, but only about 5 of them are really more then teases and light nudity.

Created by Boner games, patreon

Length- For now about 2-3 hours to get all the scenes if you know what you are doing.

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RPG Maker MV game. Animation everywhere, fully playable with the mouse; its the future man. So yeah, patreon thing so not done. I’ll be writing up some thoughts on patreon in general in a few days as well as some stuff about the blog. As for this thing…


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The Almeria 5th Knights

H Scene Count- 20, 10 non h

Created by M.Games, translated by elfloren

Length- 2~ hours a playthrough

Or the Fifth Order of the Almerian Knights. Or some other combination of words. I’ve seen a few. Anyway, RPGMaker VxAce game. Has some sex slavery, NTR, and a few other things along with a decently unique combat system with a heavy emphasis on crafting.

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Treasure Hunter Mai

H Scene Count- 42 + 1 non h

Created by gyu, translated by m1zuki

Length- 10~hours

Treasure Hunter Mai is a game. With boring treasure. It’s RPG Maker VXAce. And is kinda a NTR game. I guess. I didn’t like it.


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Thug Hero Party

It’s an RPG Maker VXAce game with NTR. I’m not going to play it, but I at least wanted to recognize it and offer a save.

I hate NTR. I can’t really stand it but I don’t want to ignore the genre because I know people do like it. So for this game, which apparently does NTR quite well while also hitting every other rule for a post, I just played with the files and made a 100% save in the gallery.

What I know: You play as a guy leaving his village with his childhood friend. Nearly every girl who travels with you will be raped in front of the MC. There are a lot of auto lose fights, and the game has a standard RPG maker combat system. It has multiple endings, most of which are quite dark.


Thug Hero Life

Civilian Justice Company & Salvation + The Nobleman’s Retort

Scene Count CVC- 51 Salvation- 109+ 3 non-h  TNR- 32~

Created by Clymenia, both translated by tengubengu(ulmf)

Length- CVC- 3-5 hours, Salvation-4-6, though up to 10 if hunting for scenes.  TNR- 2-4

For this post I figured I would cover both of these at once, seeing as they are from the same creator and I’m playing them back to back. The post will cover CVC, then Salvation and my thoughts on the games.

So these are both RPG Maker VXAce games from the circle Clymenia. In one you play as a brand new super heroine who can sleep her way to profits, in the other you are a trio of girls off to stop the Demon’ Lord’s resurrection.

Edit: Another game from this group finished not two days after I posted this, so I am just adding it.

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Orc Strike ~Revenge War of Gregory~

H-Scene count- 51+14 repeats with varying hair colors

Created by Pon de Ushi, translated by ramza022 from ulmf forums. Buyable in Japanese on dlsite.

Length-10-15 hours

Orc Strike is an Rpg Maker VX game where you play as an orc named Gregory, bent on getting revenge for humans destroying their kindgom. He needs to repopulate the kingdom and so goes town to town, taking over and taking the women for himself. The women are mostly characters from anime and manga.

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Arms Devicer!+

H-Scene Count- 106

Created by CircleKame, translated by Velociraptor Clint Thrust from Ulmf

Length-4-6 hours for one route, 10-15 hours for the whole game. Sold in Japanese on DLSite.

Arms Devicer!+ is a RPG Maker VXAce game where you play as Rio, a busty blonde naive girl who after her mom died left home and struck out for herself. Meeting Cecilia, a guild member, Rio gets brought into the guild to fight monsters and help people out. Continue reading