Sunrider Academy Count- 13
Created by- Love in Space, buyable on steam and Denpa Soft(if bought on steam, free patch available to convert to adult version)
Length- 6-10 hours with quick animations

Sunrider Academy is a psuedo-sci-fi Ren’py(visual novel engine) dating sim where you court one of four girls each with their own problem usually caused by their personalities over the course of a space year.

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Exhibitionist and Chimaera

H-Scene Count-18

Created by- Recent Past, also translated by them(purchasable on dlsite)

Length- 1 hour

This is a boring, repetitive game where you either run to the right in an infinite runner style or play an active battle system thing as shown above. With only the mouse. Continue reading

Bunny Black

Bunny BlackReplay Count- 120 h scenes, 61 non h

Created by Softhouse Chara, translated by Aroduc

Length- 20-30 hours

Bunny Black is a dungeon crawler where you take control of Darx(and only Darx), an adventurer turned demon minion with a large appetite for sex and suffering from power loss.

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