Town of Passion V.1.0

H Scene Count- 25~

Created by Siren’s Domain

Length-6 hours for current content.

RPGMaker MV patreon game. No combat, just a dating sim/puzzle thing. Mostly milfs.


You are a boy in a closed off village protected by the goddesses. One day you meet one of said goddess who is a bit more touchy feely then you would have thought. She grants you a bigger dick and tells you to spread passion and lust through your village. Not understanding what she meant you go to figure out what the hell you are suppose to do.

This is one of those plot comes in small doses kind of projects where the actual story falls to filler between the individual girl arcs that Patreon seems to be full of.


While the game does have some dating sim elements with raising stats and time of day, it’s mostly a puzzle game. Most h scenes have a puzzle blocking them from triggering whether the puzzle be hit the switches in the right order or a collection maze. There’s a decent variety of puzzles and some of the later ones can be a decent challenge. Combat was added in 1.0, it’s basically shooting basic bullets. No idea how far this will go but it does open up some combat options.

H and Other stuff

Animated scenes that have about 4-5 lines lines then the animation speed changes. Repeat 3-4 times and the scene is done. If you care about writing this isn’t for you. Personally the animations are mostly too small scale to really be interesting either, but that’s just me.

Vanilla and like all patreon games with some popularity, it had incest. You can rename the girl and name her relation to you so they didn’t really remove it, just gave you the option to have some fun with it.

Verdict and Save

Meh. Time waster for now. I thought it was version .7 but it was actually .0.7 so it has a long way to go. As it is I feel like not enough characters have content(only the blonde and the aunt have 3+ scenes.) and the story is only slightly there. The seasonal events they have added, while nice for h and outfits, just kind of feel like things that should have been done way later while they focused on adding in more girls and more stories. Might be a decent read when it’s more then just a nukige.


Save has all current scenes unlocked. If you want text based versions they are scattered around town. Find the right NPC at the right time of day in the right outfit. If you just want animations the save is in the gallery, sadly the gallery scenes lack text. All the concept art images are also unlocked in the other part of the gallery.


Newest Version Review- Two new scenes. The hunter girl was reworked and combat was added. You can now shoot to stun the goo girls, and then go and sleep with their Queen after a boss battle of sorts. The scene replay area was moved to the theater/bonus building in the north of town and a gallery of concept art was added. Overall about what I’d expect from this, just a small push forward overall. I do wish the mirror/redone clothes scenes were in the gallery and not just things the player needs to know about before hand, but eh.

Town of Passion


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