Milky Quest

H Scene Count- 20

Created by Bluelab, translated by Rare_Cats

Length- 2-3 hours.

WolfRPG, pixel sex combat RPG. Lots of ass and mostly loli’s. Not much else to say.


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Beat Blades Haruka

Scene Count- 150+
Created by Alicesoft, published my ManagaGamer, translated by Arunaru
Length- 20-30 depending on how many h scenes you read.

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So Beat Blades Haruka. Its another Alicesoft game, making it like the 15 or so Alicesoft title to be translated, and the first to be officially licensed and sold in the west. It has some drama surrounding that fact, but that’s not really important. An important thing to note is Haruka is unlike every other Alicesoft title in the west, so for this game I’m going to start with the gameplay as that’s what most people probably want to know about.

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Bunny Black 2

Replay Count- 185(split between sex and other) + 44 omake scenes.

Created by Softhouse Chara, translated by Aroduc

Length- 15-20 hours

Bunny Black 2

Bunny Black is the improved sequel to Bunny Black, a dungeon crawler I didn’t really like. This one fixes a lot of my issues, but is it a good game? Warning: I’m going to spoil Bunny Black, not that there is much to spoil from that game.

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Kichikuou Rance

H Scene Count-129, 21 non h

Created by Alice-Soft, translated by Arunaru. Is currently freeware.

Length- 25+ hours on the first playthrough depending on amount read and if you don’t skip through fights.

Kichikuou Rance - package

Kichikuou is the if story of Rance that asks the question, what if Rance took over the whole world? This is kinda like the Final Fantasy of Alicesoft, as this game’s success was the deciding factor on if Alicesoft would survive as a company. Luckily for them, it was a major hit. This is also the first Rance game with fun gameplay, and for those introduced to the series through Sengoku this game’s combat is very similar.

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H Scene Count – 71
Created by Eclipse Works(buyable on dlsite), translated by three people on ulmf, finished by m1zuki
Length- 20-40 hours

Ariadne is another game from Eclipse Works, the makers of Magica. Made in the same engine(RPG Maker VX Ace), this game improves on most of what Magica had in both combat and world scope, but sadly not really story.

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Words Worth XP

H Scene Count- 5~
Created by Elf, translated by Fun Translations.
Length- 20-30 hours

Words Worth is a first person action dungeon crawler created in the early nineties. Near the end of the nineties it was remade with better art and that version is called Words Worth Xp, which received a translation by Fun Translations, a group that sold translations but went under fairly quickly. This is the only one of their games(out of 4) to have the patch surface later, and from the quality I am perfectly fine with that, since the English in this game is one of its weakest points.

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Agent Alona- The Japan Investigation

Replayable Scene Count- 103

Created by- Combin Ation, translated him to, buyable on dlsite with an uncensored version on his blog.

Length- 2-4 hours

Agent Alona is an RPG Maker Xp game that follows the tale of Alona, a secret government agent who goes to Japan to find some drugs that are potent and stop their production/sale.

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Cum On! Bukkake Ranch ~Rear Elementals into Wet, Horny Girls~

H-Scene Count- 44

Created by Softhouse-Seal, published by Mangagamer

Length- 5-7 hours

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Welcome to the quirky adventure that is Bukkake Ranch! Come on down to see the amazing alchemist train his 4 sexy non-human girls in the arts of sex to obtain ingredients for the legendary Slut’s Stone! Visit exotic locations like Boob Mountains, Labia Lake, and Penis Forest. Continue reading

Monster Girl Quest~Lose And Be Raped~

Monmusu Quest! Zenshou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~H-Scene Count- 295 replayable scenes, with 57 in combat requestable lose scenes. Total 352.

Created by Torotoro Resistance, translated by Roguetranslator. Sold in japanese on DlSite.

Length- Full game about 10-15 hours without skipping.

Monster Girl Quest was first released in 2011, in its first part. Over the next 2 years it would have two more parts released and translated. I’ll be talking about the game as a whole as that is how it is meant to be played now.

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