Lightning Warrior Raidy 1-3

Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidy II ~Jain no Shinden~Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidy ~Haja no Raikou~

H-Scene Count- 24+ending   2- 74 3-54 plus 70 no h

Created by Zyx, published by G-Collections(owned by J-ast)

Length-  1- 2-5hours  2- 5-8hours 3- 6-10 hours

Purchase Links-  Raidy 1     Raidy 2     Raidy 3

Lightning Warrior Raidy is a yuri dungeon crawler rpg in which you control Raidy as she looks for her boyfriend throughout the world and saves girls, while learning about gods and why she can control lightning.

Purchase- Raidy 1, Raidy 2, Raidy 3


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Ass Effect Episode 2-3

H-Scene count- 10 each

Created by a team with no name. Went on to create Roundscape:Andorevia

Length- 2-3 hours each


A porn ode to Mass Effect, these rpgmaker games take place 9 months after the Reaper War. Episode 2 start where the first(which has no gallery) starts off, which is with FemShep and Liara being kidnapped(somehow). Eventually you find out its Cerebrus, take them on and defeat the big evil in the 3rd game. The plots alright, but nothing special or unique. The characters at least keep some of their real game traits until porn starts and then they become nymphos. Continue reading

Violated Hero 1-3

H-Scene Count- 1-15   2-40    3-30

Created by Dieselmine(except three which is Dieselmine Masoforte), all translated by Dargoth. Sold in japanese on DlSite.

length- 1. 2-3 hours  2.  4-5 hours   3. 3-4 hours

Violated Hero is a cash-in on another games success, but was successful enough to create a new brand at Dieselmine, called Masoforte(masochism forte). The cash grab game its copying is a game called Monster Girl Quest. So of course, following in MGQ’s success, Dieselmine created a game with the same general formula but shorter with throwaway plots. You fight monster girls, lose and get raped for femdom h-scenes, which is the point of the games. Since all three games are pretty much the same I’ll talk about all three real quick.


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Legend of Queen Opala 1- Golden Edition

H-Scene Count- 10 scenes. + 15 voice only sex scenes

Created by Swegabe, a women from deviantart+ a lot of other artist submissions and orders.

Length- story- 3-5 hours, post game content 10-15 hours.

Legend of Queen Opala(LOQO) was a strange game when I first found it. It was both my first made in English h-game that was not flash, and my first rpg maker experience. I am kind of glad this was my first since the content was good and complete, unlike many other rpg maker games I could have started with.

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Daibanchou-Big Bang Age

Big Bang Age - package

H-Scene Count- 115 replay-able h-scenes+17 non h scenes are rewatchable from the scene gallery.

Developed by Alice-Soft, translated by Aroduc

Length- 20-30 hours per playthrough

Daibanchou is one of my favorite h-games to be translated yet. The second Alice-soft title to be translated, it came out a few years ago and was immediately compared to the other translated Alice-Soft title, Sengoku Rance. The two were easy to compare as they both share the same general goal, take over Japan. They even share similar gameplay, which I’ll get into a bit. WARNING: this will be long due to how complex this games gameplay is.

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