Patchi RPGMaker game + some other short RPGMaker things

Composite post of a few short RPG Maker games I’ve played in the past along with the newish Touhou h game I just beat.

Interspecies Sex Labrynth and the Lewd Busty Witch~Until patchouli Becomes a Seedbed~  Save

An action RPG ish thing in PRGMaker MV. You get a single attack, fire, which you use to hit things directly in front of you and costs a small amount of Mp that you get back almost instantly. Basically a dungeon crawler, each floor has an item you need to clear it and two h scenes. One from the basic enemy and another from failing the final bit because you chose the wrong thing or lacked the item needed to pass it. Three floors total, ends with a boss rush and a bad end no matter what. H is monster stuff, with a system where you choose what the monster does to get her off. Save is in gallery room with the clear reward for no h stuff, a password for the end of the first floor that gives you infinite magic. Whatever. Game was super easy.


Onsen Hime Games(Secret Pleasures, Secret Rendezous, Limited #1, CPS)  I   II

RE122845RE136746, RE150935. 1st game’s gameplay is a joke, second is hard at the start but is the best of the three, the third one makes you really strong so actual game is easy, the fourth is stupid short and has way to many features plus its big new one crashes the game. Overall none of these are really “good”. H-animations have no sound and just come across as creepy, and cgs are just pictures from the animations. Story is episodic, with almost nothing happening in any game. Each game adds more survival and world features that are never needed to do anything. Four saves for four games. All cgs and animations are unlocked, as well as completed bestiary’s. Fourth has all codes for items in later games that I could find. Character’s are from other famous stuff like Dragon Quest and One Piece, but creepy looking.


Princess Ren Returns I   II

From an indie I had my eyes on. This is a sequel to another game that is not an rpg, and honestly this game didn’t make me want to read the previous entry. Ignoring that I can’t beat the game because the final cutscene replayed itself,  I cannot stand the design decisions of this game, which is why its not getting a proper post. I’m not going to go into detail since it would just be me bashing the game, but I didn’t like it. Apparently its incomplete, but since its being sold I don’t really care about that. Save contains best gear, able to fight final boss for ending, and gallery in a room to the left of where you spawn.

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