Aching Dreams 2nd Session

H-Scene Count- 24 with one copy(5 in demo, with one copy) and one “scene” from a cheat code.

Created by Rose Wood Games(hentaicook) Costs 15$ at newsground or

Length- 2 hours

An amateur h game drawn and written by one guy, this is a simple game with a weirdly disjointed plot(though better then the first). It’s basically a nukige with a bad combatĀ  engine and raising sim elements. Continue reading


Break Into DlSite

H-Scene Count- 7

Created by Studio Ero House, translated by I believe DlSite, which is where you can buy it.

Length- 2 hours at best

The full title is “I’ll break into the office of DlSite’s distribution system, and have my way with all their mascot characters!!!” I think that’s an apt explanation of the story and point of the game. Continue reading

Princess Waltz

Princess WaltzH-Scene Count- 7

Created by Pulltop, published by Peach Princess(owned by J-ast)

Length- 15-30 hours


I have to think of this game every time I think of Fate/Stay Night. Princess Waltz did a few things I wish Fate/Stay Night did, but with a weaker plot and a more or less completely linear game.

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Masked Superheroine: The Green Shadow Rachel

H-Scene Count- 37 unique events, 7 repeats with variations, 3 endings(1H)

Created by Combin Ation, translated by them(he?) to. Sold on DlSite.

Length- 2.5-3.5 hours

Still has bad English.

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Sengoku Rance

Sengoku Rance - packageH-Scene Count- 78, with 23 non h scenes/opening+ending replayable

Created by Alice-Soft, translated by Takajun

Length- 25-30 hours~

What is possibly my favorite hgame, and easily in my list of top 5 favorite games is this, Sengoku Rance. The 7th game in its series and the 1st translated, its translation eventually spawned a group of people devoted to bringing over Alice-Soft titles and the rest of the Rance series.

Rance is a rapist, he will do whatever it takes to sleep with women, whether coercion, blackmail, force, or slaying a dragon. If the girl gives him a quest, he will do it to do her. He is a narcissist that believes all the cute/sexy women in the world belong to him. Continue reading

Cum On! Bukkake Ranch ~Rear Elementals into Wet, Horny Girls~

H-Scene Count- 44

Created by Softhouse-Seal, published by Mangagamer

Length- 5-7 hours

Purchase Link

Welcome to the quirky adventure that is Bukkake Ranch! Come on down to see the amazing alchemist train his 4 sexy non-human girls in the arts of sex to obtain ingredients for the legendary Slut’s Stone! Visit exotic locations like Boob Mountains, Labia Lake, and Penis Forest. Continue reading

Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Bancho

Minna Daisuki Kozukuri BanchouH-Scene Count- 23(3 from add-ons), and all 11 endings replayable

Created by Anastasia(sister company to Eushully), translated by ——.

Length- 3-5~ hours

Wile Eushully is known for creating high quality RPG’s, their sister company has made a few more oddish games. This one being about a guy who equips babies to help him play bumper cars.

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