Aching Dreams 3- The Dark Planet

H-Scene Count- 17
Created by Rosewood Games
Length- 10+ hours for everything, about 3 for a run


This is a flash game where you are a captain of a team in space trying to survive a zombie outbreak while making enough money via recording and broadcasting a tv show to afford a way off the space station in the middle of nowhere.

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Aching Dreams 2nd Session

H-Scene Count- 24 with one copy(5 in demo, with one copy) and one “scene” from a cheat code.

Created by Rose Wood Games(hentaicook) Costs 15$ at newsground or

Length- 2 hours

An amateur h game drawn and written by one guy, this is a simple game with a weirdly disjointed plot(though better then the first). It’s basically a nukige with a bad combatĀ  engine and raising sim elements. Continue reading

Break Into DlSite

H-Scene Count- 7

Created by Studio Ero House, translated by I believe DlSite, which is where you can buy it.

Length- 2 hours at best

The full title is “I’ll break into the office of DlSite’s distribution system, and have my way with all their mascot characters!!!” I think that’s an apt explanation of the story and point of the game. Continue reading