Civilian Justice League 2

H Scene Count- 60~

Created by Clymenia, translated by the circle

Length- 3-5 hours

This I guess is a numbered sequel to Civilian Justice Company, but they share nothing but a similar name. The combat and sex work completely differently, and even the companies and enemies have nothing to do with each other. It’s weird. Anyway, RPG Maker corruption RPG with mechs.


So Haruka wants revenge against the bad mechs and gets a chance. Problem is the company she gets the chance with likes to turn a few of their staff into sex toys, and its been decided that Haruka will be the whole companies toy. Except not really. Thee’s only four sex scenes in the company, and none of them are orgies or anything. Its mostly Haruka being lewd on TV, so no idea what the company thing has to do with anything…

Anyway, she wants revenge, gets mech and fights against generic bad guys who want to destroy world. The end. The only other point worth noting is when you defeat the bosses they all get fates worse then death kind of things, like drugged whore or public sex machine. The town’s horrible and really, the company Haruka is with is just as bad as the bad guys.


It’s a level based RPG. You go in and get a basic objective and fight against three enemy color types who drop cores that you use to upgrade your mech’s bullet counts(your offensive skills) and its basic stats. You also level up and get a few buff/debuff skills. You can also activate a mode in the stages that lets you destroy buildings.

So as you finish missions you get some points and open up tv options. This is where the majority of the h comes from, as well as popularity which is how you get upgraded weapons and armor for the mech. You just do the tv stuff, sleep and boom, better guns and armor. If you are going full porn, this makes the game a joke as most of the tv stuff is porn. If you don’t want to do tv stuff or do a virgin  run, just grind a bit more. The game’s easy and you can reach the same stats easily enough.

H and Other stuff

It’s not really a rape oriented corruption game. Haruka, once asked, willingly sings up for the sex tv stuff and then things just get raunchier as she goes. The sex stuff all has weird mini plots as they are tv based, so things like as part of a deodorant commercial you have sex and get rid of the smell of semen with the spray. Or a handicrafts show where I think you show how to make kids or condoms. Or both. Anyway its kinda weird. The scenes in the gallery on the right  are the generic scenes that use one of 6 cgs with a shortish scene and are the more normal Haruka gets taken advantage of stuff. I skipped msot of the scenes but they felt medium ish in length?  There are no game over rape or lose events.

Verdict and Save

Whatever. I basically played this because I felt it had been a while since I played a corruption based h game and as normal, I didn’t really have any good feelings toward this. The combat goes quick at least and the scenes are simple enough to unlock. I do want to say that as a corruption title this is pretty week. Since she’s not really forced or anything it doesn’t have the usual dark vibes or anything which might appeal to some and others would say this is barely corruption. I just didn’t care of for the game at all.


Save has all h scenes unlocked.

Civilian Justice League 2


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