Eiyu*Senki – The World Conquest

H-Scene Count- 48(kinda)

Length- 30-50 hours

Created by Tenco, localised by Fruitbat and J-ast. Fantranslated by surferdude.


Finally. Eiyu Senki(Sengoku Rance lite as I call it) is out and done by J-ast. If anyone reads this, just play the fan translated version. It fixes a few things, gives difficulties and adds the console content into the PC release. It is better in basically every way.

Anyway, Eiyu Senki’s official PC release is what this post is based on. It only took way to long for this to come out. The original game is from 2012, Fruitbat released it on console in 2015, and Jast finally released the adult version in 2017. The fantransaltion finished in 2016 and realy, I should have just played that since I’m never touching this game again.

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Tactics Elemental

H Scene Count: 266~

Created by Fred Perry

Length- 10~ hours to beat normally, 100~ to 100%.


It took like two months to finish but I 100% the base version of Tactics Elemental. I won’t say it was worth it but I’m just glad to be done with the mindless combat stuff. Anyway…

Tactics Elemental is a SRPG that I funded on offbeatr like a year or two ago. I think the pitch was Fire Emblem supports but with porn. Which is basically right.

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H Scene Count – 13

Created by Xuse, translated by Aroduc and published by J-ast

Length- 35~ hours

Eien Purchase    Sein Purchase

So about 4 or so years after being announced(about 6 after the translation technically started), Seinarukana(Sein), the sequel to Eien no Aselia, has finally been released. I have a lot of complaints on why it took so long but that’s not for here. For this game I’ll be comparing it to Eien no Aselia(Eien from here on out) as few other games are at all similar to Sein and since Eien doesn’t have an adult version it doesn’t get its own post. So on to this mess of a game.

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Kichikuou Rance

H Scene Count-129, 21 non h

Created by Alice-Soft, translated by Arunaru. Is currently freeware.

Length- 25+ hours on the first playthrough depending on amount read and if you don’t skip through fights.

Kichikuou Rance - package

Kichikuou is the if story of Rance that asks the question, what if Rance took over the whole world? This is kinda like the Final Fantasy of Alicesoft, as this game’s success was the deciding factor on if Alicesoft would survive as a company. Luckily for them, it was a major hit. This is also the first Rance game with fun gameplay, and for those introduced to the series through Sengoku this game’s combat is very similar.

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Aching Dreams 3- The Dark Planet

H-Scene Count- 17
Created by Rosewood Games
Length- 10+ hours for everything, about 3 for a run


This is a flash game where you are a captain of a team in space trying to survive a zombie outbreak while making enough money via recording and broadcasting a tv show to afford a way off the space station in the middle of nowhere.

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Sengoku Rance

Sengoku Rance - packageH-Scene Count- 78, with 23 non h scenes/opening+ending replayable

Created by Alice-Soft, translated by Takajun

Length- 25-30 hours~

What is possibly my favorite hgame, and easily in my list of top 5 favorite games is this, Sengoku Rance. The 7th game in its series and the 1st translated, its translation eventually spawned a group of people devoted to bringing over Alice-Soft titles and the rest of the Rance series.

Rance is a rapist, he will do whatever it takes to sleep with women, whether coercion, blackmail, force, or slaying a dragon. If the girl gives him a quest, he will do it to do her. He is a narcissist that believes all the cute/sexy women in the world belong to him. Continue reading