Naedoko’s Demon Ground or Pregnant Princess of Naraku

H Scene Count-115 replayable things.

Created by Tsukinomizu Project, translated by Chronomium

Length- 20 or so hours, mostly because of no text skip and how slow fights are

Neither of those titles are accurate by the way. No idea who Naraku is supposed to be, and Naedoko is definitely no one in this game. Eilza is the protagonist. Anyway, pettanko( trying to move away from the word loli) tentacle/yuri/futa rpg maker VXAce game.


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Desecration of Wings

Replay Scene Count- 43(about 5 are not porn)

Created by Sierra Lee

Length- 10-15 hours


RPG Maker VX game from Sierra Lee, the same people/person as Ouroboros, another game I enjoyed because of the concept and style. I enjoyed this one too, for different reasons.

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First, I ripped the post mostly from the Misc other games page/tab. I’ll be doing this over the coming year to get rid of that page. Sorry if it feels a bit to straightforward and lacking details. I don’t have much I want to add to things from the Misc section.


Anyway, this is an English original futa(mostly) puzzle game of sorts made in Rempy. Has DLC so will update as they stuff comes out.

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Meltys Quest 1.1

H-Scene Count- 55 h scenes

Created by Happy Life,  translated by Remtairy. Available on Steam.

Length- 10~ hours

Here’s a steam released erotic RPG Maker game done right. A good translation, easy to get the adult material back in, and plenty of fixes. All around what I wish Sakuragamer was instead of the crap they are.

Anyway, this is what I wish was a more constant thing. Fan translator approaches indie and indie lets fan translate work and release on Dlsite or steam or wherever. Both profit.

As for the game, Meltys Quest is an RPGMaker MV game about Meltys, a kogal princess saving her sisters and her kingdom.


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The Puppeteer of Prizna

H Scene Count-

Created by , translated by

Length- 4-7 hours

So when I opened this and saw that it was another wolf maker game with a completely different style, I was impressed. That engine seems far more malleable then RPG Maker ever has been. But that was about the only real positive moment I had playing this.

But more of that later. This is The Puppeteer of Prizna. A wolf 1st person dungeon crawling RPG.

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Demon Master Chris

H-Scene Count- 9, plus a kiss scene and the two endings

Created by Nyaatrap, published by Mangagamer

Length- 3-5 hours

Purchase Link


In DMC, you play as Chris, a blonde proud tsundere girl who can contract naked demon girls into her service to fight alongside. At the start of the game, she is trying to summon a high tier demon, but instead gets summoned herself. Her cat demon loses the fight, gets cursed, and they run away. Eventually arriving at the main heroines home, Chris’ goal is to uncurse her cat and return home. Continue reading

Lightning Warrior Raidy 1-3

Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidy II ~Jain no Shinden~Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidy ~Haja no Raikou~

H-Scene Count- 24+ending   2- 74 3-54 plus 70 no h

Created by Zyx, published by G-Collections(owned by J-ast)

Length-  1- 2-5hours  2- 5-8hours 3- 6-10 hours

Purchase Links-  Raidy 1     Raidy 2     Raidy 3

Lightning Warrior Raidy is a yuri dungeon crawler rpg in which you control Raidy as she looks for her boyfriend throughout the world and saves girls, while learning about gods and why she can control lightning.

Purchase- Raidy 1, Raidy 2, Raidy 3


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