H Scene Count- 27

Created by Tunnel .73, localized by Kagura Games  Store

Length- 5 for the main game, another 4-5 for the post game which has no porn.

Second game from Kagura Games, this is a gameover rape dungeon crawler made in nscripter, a similar program to ren’py. Another game in the same setting will be released by Frontwing later this year.

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The Spirit Master of Retarnia ~Conqueror of the Labrynth~

H Scene Count- 27

Created by Lunasoft, published by Mangagamer

Length- 10~ hours


Spirit Master of Retarnia is a dungeon crawler with randomized loot made by Lunasoft. Release by Mangagamer in English in early 2018, it’s a game I was looking forward to not because it’s good. It’s meh really. I just wanted a game with routes so I probably have a slightly optimistic view toward the game even though it didn’t deliver on what I wanted at all.

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Ero Puzzle Dungeon

H Scene Count- 17

Created by Armanium, translated by u-ray

Length- Less then an hour

Wolf Maker game in the same vein as Lulu Farea. You play as the huge breasted MC who joined a monster hunting group and doesn’t ever speak.

The most standout part of this game is how hard it was for me to get. No one’s shared it and only Japanese Dlsite and DMM sell it. Neither accepted my cards so it took until the day I posted this to actually get the game to play. It was barely worth it.

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The Almeria 5th Knights

H Scene Count- 20, 10 non h

Created by M.Games, translated by elfloren

Length- 2~ hours a playthrough

Or the Fifth Order of the Almerian Knights. Or some other combination of words. I’ve seen a few. Anyway, RPGMaker VxAce game. Has some sex slavery, NTR, and a few other things along with a decently unique combat system with a heavy emphasis on crafting.

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The Tower of Wisdom and Stupidity

H Scene Count- 30

Created by Technobrake, translated by Krystalize

Length- 3-4 hours for first run


Tower is a dungeon delving RpGMaker game where you play as the ass displayed above. It has very simple and quick fights and is mostly about avoiding traps and going in prepared. Or getting fucked a lot for money. That works to.



You are Usagi, a girl who heard about the Philosopher’s Stone at the top of an old 100 floor tower. You go to get it and are immediately tricked into wearing a string bikini and thong as your armor. You then go into the sex beast filled tower… kinda and try to reach the top.

The kinda of above is the fact you don’t actually reach the actual tower until floor 70. Technically everything else is just ascending areas until you reach the tower I guess. That or it has multiple dungeons at its base which is kinda weird.

Anyway, no other plot happens. Have fun killing and fucking basically.


So this is mostly a dungeon crawler. Avoiding most enemies and the huge amounts of traps is the main gameplay. You will fight but due to resources you can’t fight a lot. Which is fine, enemies are mostly easy to ran past.

The stuff in the top left of your screen is your health, below that is your healing potions and the amount they do(which can be increased), and your supplies. Each of these are used to deal with one the many trap or puzzle elements in the game. The most important is the talisman paper which cancels out traps you’ve run into and makes chests safe to open, as most either explode or are mimics.

So combat. Instead of a traditional battle system we have a very simplified one. You touch an enemy and you get a menu. Attack, Recover, Wait, or Escape. All pretty simple options. You either win or lose and get h’ed. The good thing about losing in this game is that you always get money from losing, which is good as you need a lot of money at the start.

You don’t level up in this game. Instead you spend money at the fireplace in the inn to enhance one of your four stats. Luck is useless, speed won’t be high enough ever, and attack can be raised many other ways so the only one you need to raise is health. HP affects how much your potions heal and how well you survive in general. The amount of gold to upgrade goes up as you get stronger so do make sure that you never raise speed or luck. Those stats are mostly useless.

Anyway, the game is really simple. My main complaint is some of the numbers it expects you to reach for the sex stuff. For the sex ending to even be an option when you beat the game you need Usagi to have orgasmed 10,000 times. No type, ten thousand. Most h scenes will you have orgasm at least a few with some giving you up to 20+. Finishing the game having scene every h scene and using prostitution as much as I could I was around 1500. Obviously I was expected to lose a lot more then I did.

So a tip about the game. Chest loot is randomized. Gold chests have equipment, wood have supplies and gems for creating outfits. Save before opening a gold chest, if you a weapon upgrade, atk accessory or speed accessory continue. Otherwise reload. Only upgrade health at fireplace. Get the potions effect and number increases every ten floors. You win.

H Scenes and Other Stuff

Sex is mostly monster rape with Usagi getting into it immediately. Lots of hearts and moans to be had. In fact most h dialogue is about the normal for a western porno with no story. Sure some of the monsters have weird gimmicks but all Usagi does is moan and orgasm. The prostitution stuff is more a minigame then actual scenes(with only cowgirl added to the ridiculous numbers some titles aka equipment needs), and traps are kinda the same with. Unique cg, next to no text. Sure the game has a lot of porn that you will see, as the only way to leave the tower is to die(sex) or reach floor 1, but none of it is satisfying even if you like Usagi’s body type.

Verdict and Save

The game started out confusing but enjoyable. Eventually around floor 40 I figured out how to make it a joke though. My file says I played about 3 hours, but due to reloading its more around 4-5. It had some fun moments but nothing really gripping.


Save contains all h scenes unlocked and all titles/outfits in inventory. Titles were mostly unlocked legitimately but the last few grind and new game+ ones were added in.

The Tower of Wisdom and Stupidity

The Puppeteer of Prizna

H Scene Count-

Created by , translated by

Length- 4-7 hours

So when I opened this and saw that it was another wolf maker game with a completely different style, I was impressed. That engine seems far more malleable then RPG Maker ever has been. But that was about the only real positive moment I had playing this.

But more of that later. This is The Puppeteer of Prizna. A wolf 1st person dungeon crawling RPG.

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Rance 5D & Rance 6

H Scene Count- 10~ and 119~

Created by Alicesoft, translated by MangaGamer(5D by Badend, 6 by Arunaru)

Length- 4-5 hours for 5D and 40-60 for 6

Purchase Link

So finally, Rance is coming to the west and its a pretty good deal. Two games for $35, one being considered the best Rance game in terms of story and the first good actual game other then Kichikuou.

Rance 5D ~The Lonely Girl~


Rance, Sill, and his robot Athena 2.0 are lost in a dungeon. As they attempt to escape they meet some people and then escape the dungeon. Sex happens and it all ends happily ever after I guess.

The bulk of the main plot revolves around Sill’s feelings for Rance and Rizna, the naginata girl some might remember from Sengoku. This game explains some of the weirder things about Rizna and sets up a few plot points for Quest and 6, but that’s really it. Not a lot really happens.


Rance 5D is a dice game. Your enjoyment and success is mostly decided by RNG. It is entirely possible that you will railroad yourself into an impossible to win situation. I almost did twice.

The basics are thus. You roll a roulette board. What color it lands on is what you deal with. You need to roll 5 green spaces before the gauge at the top(which lowers from almost anything) runs out or its gameover. Then you proceed to the next chapter. Each chapter starts with a puzzle adventure section which drains your time before you move on to the board rolling. There are some items that can help like time extensions or panels that force green spaces but its RNG if you’ll get them. Good luck.

Combat is also random based. Each character has six actions and a six sided die is thrown each turn. Whichever side it lands on, each person in the fight will use the action that corresponds to the number on the dice. Fight until either side wins. You can get some stuff for fights that help, like a nurse that heals you before the dice is thrown, some bugs that make certain sides have higher chances of being rolled and so on. But in the end its luck and stats that win and not player skill or planning.

So what does the player control? The camp menu mostly. You can choose when to level, who’s in your party(Gal monsters can be recruited!), change gear, use items, change character classes(between two choices) so you get different skills and more stats, and throw stuff away because you have limited room. You can also rest to heal a third of all party member’s health in exchange for some time. You can even change the number’s your attacks correspond to so if you find a fight unwinaable just swap attack order and try again.

Outside of the camp the player can use items to deactivate traps, check for stuff(which has a role for success), and try different role types. You can either role a single which locks in what event you get, or role 3 or 5. When the role ends you pick between the highlighted options what you want to do. It costs more time but does give you more control so it can help.

And that’s it really. The game is short and not deep at all. It has a points system you can play with that gives you bonus xp at the end of a chapter. Mainly this means that if you finish a  chapter fast you get a lot of xp, but if you did it slow you probably fought enough monsters to even it out anyway.

If you get stuck or want to watch some story segment again, the game here is not h scene gallery, nearly every scene can be re-watched just by going to its story chapter.

H-Scenes and Other

Luckily none of the porn or cgs are hidden behind RNG beyond beating the game. The actual h is kinda boring really. You have a few different types(couple of positions, rape, bdsm) and a decent variety of girls for such a short game but all the scenes are short. You’ll get more out of them if you like how Rance is and how brutal he can be in this game, but otherwise this is not a good porn game.

The art. This game is a big change in terms of presentation in the series as it went from the old 1-4 style to the more modern style of coloring, making things look way more anime like. It doesn’t look bad, but the resolution is really low. As for the music I liked most of it except for this one random English song that just pops up and bothers me. Its one of two that have vocals and they are in English for some reason and its just weird to hear.


Rance 5D is not what I would call a great game. It’s more of a distraction then anything else in the series and can be skipped pretty easily if you don’t want to deal with its randomness. Your enjoyment will come mostly from the humor of the game or playing with the mechanics and trying for high scores. This is not a high point in the series but it can be enjoyable. Just don’t expect to be in control much.

Rance 6 -Collapse of Zeth-


Rance is on a mission in Zeth with Sill. After finding a golden candlestick they go to collect their reward only for Sill to be treated as the master! This angers Rance and ends with him being arrested. Turns out mages are first class citizens in Zth and anyone else is second class. After escaping the slave fighting pits, Rance joins a resistance to sleep with all their women, especially the leader Urza who’s wheelchair bound, but not for physical reasons only.

Eventually you gain a majority of Rance’s usual fighting party, Rance kicks the men out of the resistance and has it do missions for his sake as Urza won’t do anything. This ends up going horribly, Rance makes everything worse only for things to turn out better.

I would have to say that Rance 6 does have a more interesting story then Sengoku or most the other games. All the characters have arcs that deal with Rance and their relationships, you see real racism and the consequences of it, and there is some surprising twists that the game has as you go through. The big bad changes multiple times and you are given a real reason to hate their guts by the time you finally reach any of them. There’s just more meat to the story then what Sengoku had, since Sengoku’s main thing was character and single country stories so JAPAN as a whole didn’t really have a true narrative other then demons/fiends.


Rance 6 is a dungeon crawler. It has basically the same traveling mechanics as something like Violated Hero or Raidy but with a lot more around the crawling. First you can have a party of six people at any time, with 12 others ready to switch in. This might seem like a lot, but Rance 6 has a stamina mechanic. Each character can only fight x amount of times before they leave combat and you need to swap other people in. You can raise stamina a few times per character, and there is a stamina restoring item you can get, though not in great supply without grinding. The stamina system can be annoying though I see why its a thing as it forces you to use more then your six best characters.

The other limiting factor is FP, or friendship. Each character has a friendship amount for Rance and if it isn’t high enough they won’t go into a dungeon with him. This is not really an issue after the start of the game as anyone who joins low later has events that drive them up really quickly. Beyond dungeoning though FP is related to each characters ultimate weapon and final events so raising it important.

As for the main game, its a dungeon crawler through and through. There’s some nice stuff like map completion rewards, a battle counter that gives you stuff for fighting enough, the ability to leave a dungeon from anywhere, and a nice variety of dungeon types. Most of what you will be doing is filling out the map and solving basic puzzles to move through and reach green star events to continue the plot. Combat is similar to Sengoku’s dungeons. You have back and front line fighters each with a greater variety of moves and no limited action flags. You can call in allies to fill empty slots or have your people drop out to replace with better fights for that battle. There’s enough depth here and eventually enemies will be using tanks and rows to their advantage. It can get hard by the end.

The last main mechanic is easily the most annoying aspect of Rance 6. The orb system. Each thing you do in the hub requires one of three orbs or some times multiple colors. Red is usually story events for the main story or character arcs, yellow is h scenes, and blue are for skills. You can only hold three at most of each color and some events require more then a single orb. There are two ways to get orbs. Buy them with red coupons which are a limited currency from these weird cloud things in dungeons that are challenge battles, or grind them with the battle counter. Basically you end up running dungeons for 10-15 battle points(called achievement points) collecting icons that give you big boosts in points, return home, spend orbs, repeat. It starts off simple but once you have a full party you get swamped in events and the worst part is level cap raising. Evey character has a unique level cap. Rance can raise female level caps by sexing them. So everytime a girl maxes out, you spend a yellow orb to bring them up. The main issue I have with the orb system is this. The girl’s cap only go up two levels, which they gain quick enough that multiple girls will need to be raised at the same time so you will need to grind orbs to level raise multiple girls if you want a good team. It’s not until end game that this goes away as the girl’s caps stop raising at around level 50. By mid game this is the most annoying thing that would be solved by simple have the cap go up by more then two. This is why Rance 6 is grindy. You gain enough experience, gold, and items just map exploring to beat most bosses. All your grinding time will very likely be orb collecting and it can get very tiresome.

H Scenes and Other Stuff

So Rance 6 has three main scene types. You obviously have Rance scenes where Rance either rapes or does a girl with permission. These are a majority of the scenes and has some decent ones though a lot are pretty short or more focused on character development then h. Then you have Tamanegai and his Gal Monsters. These are scenes where he explains how he trained a Gal Monster to react sexually to certain things. There’s a great variety of content here and its the most sex focused part of the game, though each scene does end up playing out similarly. Then you have scenes for other men which are mostly gang rape or fucked up torture stuff to show you how evil or messed up things are in Zeth. These are usually not for porns sake but to show you the state of how things are.

Very few of these scenes are really great. There are some stand out ones, but a lot of the scenes are shorter with a focus on characters and not on porn or sex. Rarely do any of Racne’s scenes go past the first ejaculation and that can happen pretty quickly in some situations. Some h cgs are used for like 5 to 10 lines before ending. Some story cgs are used for less. Now this wouldn’t be problem if the replay system showed more then just cgs. Unlike Sengoku’s, 6’s replay only shows scene text for things when the cg was actually present so no scene openings or closings. Compared to Sengoku it just feels lacking.

The music is good, the dungeons are varied and the upped resolution is nice. If I didn’t know before hand I wouldn’t have noticed the fixed done to make this a game worth playing in 2016 like adding Wasd control, auto saves and of course making the resolution something decent.

I do like how the cg gallery has achievements to fill it up at the end. A lot of vns leave empty space and some even have the same cg slots there but they just don’t get filled ever. This one fills the slots with things you need to get the true end, which is a nice way to use the empty space.


It’s a good game. Once of the best dungeon crawlers I’ve played, and the best h one. Compared to Chris and Dungeon it has proper growth of stats and numbers to make the game more interesting, its mechanics are mostly solid compared to Raidy, and while the porn in Violated Hero is better Rance shits on everything else from that series. Sengoku is a better game but Rance 6 is a really good start of what is considered modern Rance and does a lot of things right to get players to fully complete the game.

It has one big hiccup but it truly is a good game. Its funny, hows how bad racism can really get, and sometimes anger inducing but its good.



Contain completed games and all cgs.

Rance 5D


Rance 6

Bunny Black 2

Replay Count- 185(split between sex and other) + 44 omake scenes.

Created by Softhouse Chara, translated by Aroduc

Length- 15-20 hours

Bunny Black 2

Bunny Black is the improved sequel to Bunny Black, a dungeon crawler I didn’t really like. This one fixes a lot of my issues, but is it a good game? Warning: I’m going to spoil Bunny Black, not that there is much to spoil from that game.

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Words Worth XP

H Scene Count- 5~
Created by Elf, translated by Fun Translations.
Length- 20-30 hours

Words Worth is a first person action dungeon crawler created in the early nineties. Near the end of the nineties it was remade with better art and that version is called Words Worth Xp, which received a translation by Fun Translations, a group that sold translations but went under fairly quickly. This is the only one of their games(out of 4) to have the patch surface later, and from the quality I am perfectly fine with that, since the English in this game is one of its weakest points.

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Bunny Black

Bunny BlackReplay Count- 120 h scenes, 61 non h

Created by Softhouse Chara, translated by Aroduc

Length- 20-30 hours

Bunny Black is a dungeon crawler where you take control of Darx(and only Darx), an adventurer turned demon minion with a large appetite for sex and suffering from power loss.

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