Harem Collector V .37

H Scene Count- 50~?

Created by Badkittygames, patreon

Length- 20 or so hours right now

The game is currently going to the above artstyle from the below.

This is one of the older RPG Maker h games, and one of the only RPG’s I know of that has time management as a game mechanic. I was playing this religiously back in 2015-16. This is the first time I’ve played it since then and it has almost doubled in content. It’s something of an homage to a bunch of different games, with Rance being the biggest inspiration. Oh, its not not done yet, but even though the version number is really low its closer to half done, with a big chunk of that being none plot missions.




Our hero wants a harem of 151 girls because it is a sacred number. After getting to a new rank at the adventurer’s guild he loses all of his money only to get get rich quick the next day. He buys a mansion and ends up with some slave collars and quickly goes off to earn fame, fortune, and women.

The beginning of the game plays kind of like a sandbox. You get some basic directions via quests but you are free to explore as soon as you finish the tutorial and get the first h scene. The world’s decently big, and it will be a few hours before you start getting to the actual plot threads the game has. I think there’s about 3 main lines. One that has to do with war, another with the ancients who lived in the land long ago, and another with demon cults. Then you have some minor plots that focus more on the main goal, earning a harem. The MC’s a jerk and is very Rance-ish. He looks for sex in every quest and while at some point he does get some development as he realizes what he is doing has some consequences and that just banging girls isn’t exactly satisfying him, his main goal is always to get more girls. Even if that means beating them up and collaring them on the spot. This game is suppose to have at least 30 girls, with there being 4 other games to fill out the count. This one was started in 2014 I think, so it’s going to be a long trip. At least the later games shouldn’t have as many points where things from before need to be reworked en mass like the art or the item system.


Traditional combat with a lot more status effects and usable items then usual. Every element is tied to some kind of status, like fire is burn which halves healing, or ice is agility down. You can buy a lot of prep items to deal with different enemy types, or just bring the right characters to beat down the problems. Combat wise the game gives a lot of options but the combat itself is fairly simple. Each character has a role and you have about 15 different members to play with.

The not combat stuff is where the game shines for me. Mainly in how you have to deal with the day system and the economics it brings. Basically, every quest passes a day where you get investments, extra dungeons refill their monsters for grinding, and you can give another gift to your girls. Gifts lead to new moves or buffs and eventually the characters love quest where you finish their arc and get some really good gear or lots of money. Update: Apparently the furniture system that I don’t know much about adds to affection, so if you properly deck out your house you won’t need as many gifts. I think the idea is gifts, furniture, and praise all get calculated at the end of the day so their affection increases as you sleep. Investments are things you invest in, the more money you throw around the kingdom the more you get every day. So the game becomes about maximizing profit and gifts to get as much content as possible. Eventually this won’t matter, I think end or postgame is suppose to let you pass time as you want, but I really enjoy the management the game has. Spending for future gains versus supplies you need right now. Who to recruit when to start throwing gifts around and learning spells from gear. It’s a lot and I’m not sure how intentionally important the system is. Like, how much thought went into the daily system versus it just being a result of the investment system. Because honestly my favorite part of the game is planning a playthrough and going through it, step by step and seeing how different it feels when you don’t have x or z around.

I will note that there’s a decent number of guide dang it moments in this. Ranging from just secret item spots in the one time only dungeons to some mandatory progression stuff, the game likes to challenge the player’s head.

H and Other stuff

It’s Rance ish. Some of the girls are fine with it right off the bat, others grow to love it very quickly, and others take until their arcs are done to really care for sex. Other then that, it’s mostly standard vanilla stuff with some bdsm stuff thrown about. Every girl hits a fetish of some kind to. You have the Milf, the “pure” pervy paladin, a cat girl, twins, a chuuni and so on for around 30 girls. The scenes are currently being redone in a drawn artsyle(old style was 3d Custom Girl) and some of the early scenes are really short and rough, from the days when the game creator was the sole writer. In general the scenes are medium length and are decent with a few good ones sprinkled throughout. I will admit to the game lacking in a lot of haremy stuff, only a few scenes involve more then a single girl. Looking at the dev plan though, that will become less of an issue as the game nears its end.

Verdict and Save

I like the game. It’s actually one of my favorites when it comes to RPG Maker. But I will admit the combat feels really slow. And it relies on meta humor a bit to much for me, though at the same time having comedy at all is pretty rare for h games. Overall though, I think its a unique game that can be very enjoyable. Personally I just love challenging myself by never buying equipment. I get to end game with just dungeon stuff because I spend all the money on investments and gifts, and I feel like that keeps the challenge.


Anyway, save has all h scenes unlocked. Current end game save with all girls for new content. Also, I don’t have all the achievements yet. Unlike most games they actually do things here so I wanted to do most of them without cheating. They don’t amount to much and since the game is incomplete anyway I figure that’s not a problem. I’ll just work on them as the game advances.

Newest Version Review-

Two main quests, one dealing very heavily with the rules of slave collars in the world and how they can be taken advantage of, plus some old stuff being put to rest and explained. The other is the necromancer’s love quest, which is mostly a dungeon run with the first instance of our protagonist using the L-word, which was cute. Overall a solid update. Note that Florine, the item shop girl, has 6 scenes in her gallery that are still locked. Those do not exist in game yet, they are placeholders for the next version. Everything else is unlocked. Also all the new scenes are very… intense this time around.

Harem Collector


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