You’d Fight For Me, Lose For Me, Get X’ed For Me?

H Scene Count- 24

Created by Golden Fever,  translated by elfloren

Length- 3-4 hours

This game is an RPGMaker VXAce game with something of an interesting idea. Instead of escorting, you are the escort trying to make your escorters lose.

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Bunny Black

Bunny BlackReplay Count- 120 h scenes, 61 non h

Created by Softhouse Chara, translated by Aroduc

Length- 20-30 hours

Bunny Black is a dungeon crawler where you take control of Darx(and only Darx), an adventurer turned demon minion with a large appetite for sex and suffering from power loss.

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Tomoyo After ~It’s A Wonderful Life~ aka Dungeon’s and Takafumi’s

Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~H-Scene Count- 12

Created by Key, translated by Doki fansubs

Length for RPG part- 4-8 hours depending on luck and skill

For this post I’ll be talking about Tomoyo After’s RPG portion, Dungeon’s and Takafumi’s., Key’s first game(fandisc?) with gameplay. Note: All the hscenes are in the main game and not the rpg portion, so while I call it an HRPG all the h is in the visual novel portion. Since the rpg and h are in the same game it still counts. I’ll mainly talk about the RPG, but hscenes will be on there own merit.

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Dungeons and Dolls

H-Scene Count- 7 proper scenes, and 4 one cg quick things

Created by Alice-Soft, translated by Rance Translations

length- technically infinite, but to reach the ending 10-15 hours of grinding

A strange “game.” This was released as part of a package called Alice Cottage 7 which contained another game or two and some soundtracks. If I had to describe the game, it is an automatic dungeon crawler. By automatic I mean the player does next to nothing when in battle, the fights are just trading blows with some special effects flying around until one side dies.

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