H Scene Count – 71
Created by Eclipse Works(buyable on dlsite), translated by three people on ulmf, finished by m1zuki
Length- 20-40 hours

Ariadne is another game from Eclipse Works, the makers of Magica. Made in the same engine(RPG Maker VX Ace), this game improves on most of what Magica had in both combat and world scope, but sadly not really story.

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Magica ~Lord of the Magic Books~

H-Scene Count-55 scenes(1 copy, 1 non h)

Created by Eclipse Works, translated by Velociraptor Clint Thrust/m1zuki from Ulmf. Sold in Japanese on DLSite.

Length- 4-8 hours, depending on grinding and h scene hunting

Ah, Magica. Not to be confused with the game Magicka where you kill your friends with all kinds different spells, no this is an RPG Maker VXAce game with a decent focus on magic in both comabt and story. Continue reading

Aching Dreams 3- The Dark Planet

H-Scene Count- 17
Created by Rosewood Games
Length- 10+ hours for everything, about 3 for a run


This is a flash game where you are a captain of a team in space trying to survive a zombie outbreak while making enough money via recording and broadcasting a tv show to afford a way off the space station in the middle of nowhere.

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