Desecration of Wings

Replay Scene Count- 43(about 5 are not porn)

Created by Sierra Lee

Length- 10-15 hours


RPG Maker VX game from Sierra Lee, the same people/person as Ouroboros, another game I enjoyed because of the concept and style. I enjoyed this one too, for different reasons.


Felana is an Elorian, basically a white human with elf ears. She is a prostitute because studying history is illegal so she needs to get by while studying and raising her daughter. One day her and her daughter head out to the capital city because the immortals are gathering. A group of people who use soul stones to achieve great power and the ability to live forever. They go out and get involved with conspiracy and the fate of the world as they learn the true reason for the gathering.

So I want to point out the races real quick. You have white human, black human, white angel human, and black devil winged human. Those are the four races. I don’t remember half the names of them and honestly the racial conflicts might be the weakest part of the story, mostly in part to the main party having so little to do with them. Not that the intrigue between the immortals is great either as we barely get to know most of them, but the mystery of what actually is happening is good. I could do with less heart to hearts and friendship talk near the end, but the story did keep me reading and was a lot more existent and I guess tense as big revelations and party changes kept happening then most RPG Maker games.


Fairly standard RPG Maker stuff with some weird status effects. Have you ever needed to knock enemies down to the ground as a status effect for full damage before? Get pushed out of combat for a few rounds but can still get hit? Other then those it’s fairly straightforward combat. Skills have a learn from equipment system like FF9, and they are color coded for convenience. Green is something that only has skills you don’t have, yellow has one skill you are missing,  purple is something someone else can learn, and white is fully learned by all current members.

A few more notes though about some of the systems. One, the affection system does have one use that I noticed. Near the end of the game during the open world bit you get a base. Sleep in the bed there and depending on relationship values you will get seeds that give a few fights worth of skill experience for a single party member(seeds are color coded for party members). It’s a weird way to use that kind of system but it is nice.

Money is hard to get in this game. Most normal encounters drop nothing and even bosses regularly drop nothing. Most of your money will be from chests and Felana sleeping with NPCs. True to her job as a prostitute, Felana will sleep with about one NPC per area, usually getting you at least a few hundred Sol/gold. Make sure to only buy things for new skills. Good equipment for stats is handed out through the regular optional boss fights and extra dungeons the game is littered with. Every town will have a few sidequests or dungeons to send you to so talk to people so you can get h and money and gear. I’m sure the game is beatable without the optional stuff but it will be a lot harder, and the optional bosses are probably my favorite part of the game. Constant challenge for actual rewards that are useful for where you are.

H and Other stuff

A wide variety of porn in this. Most of the scenes are Felana doing her job with whatever random sex type her partner wants, but there is also gangrape/bang, tentacle sex, and futa. It’s a nice variety with alright writing. To be honest I wasn’t in the mood for porn most of the time I played this while I read a decent number of scenes I didn’t really care that much about them. I don’t think they were bad, I just wans’t in the mood for them.

Didn’t listen to the music enough to get any idea on it.

Verdict and Save

I enjoyed the game a lot. It’s a good RPG with lots of side content and a  proper story. There’s a few weird bits but this is one of the better RPG Maker RPG’s I’ve played.

Save has all scenes unlocked.

Desecration of Wings

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