H-Scene Count- 16

Created by Bakery, translated by Roguetranslator

Length- 1-3 hours


Marunomi is a game where you play as a tentacle thing monster going around and trying to absorb lolis.


The gameplay has two parts, map movement and combat. The combat is basically rock paper scissors, where trying to counter your enemy while weakening them and getting closer is your goal. Once they are weak you can eat them, which will trigger a vore/tentacle/weird scene, and you will power up. Level ups in this game increase your size, and let you power up your moves or gain new skills which are usually one use per battle. By the time you beat this game, only the final boss will pose any challenge, because as you figure stuff out and lose/win, you retain your stats on the next run eventually destroying all the enemies. Because of this, you don’t really need the skills, and I beat the game 100% with only 2 of the 5 special abilities.

Map stuff is mainly hunting the girls down. You can lay traps for them on specific areas that will halt them and tell you when they move there. The other option is to talk to the loli from the tutorial who has a power to locate(tells you the floor their on) and tell you a bit about the girls. The rest is just hunting them down.

The plot would seem simple, but apparently its quite dark.  Almost all of the girls have a bad or horrific past that you will or can learn. The true ending to this game is praised and analyzed a lot, and I won’t spoil it here.

H scenes and other things

The H is strange. Your character takes a completely different form for each scene, so for one you are a slime, the other a teddy bear. Scenes usually end with you absorbing or devouring the girl after using tentacles or something on them. There is a strange variety here if memory serves. Oh, and all the girls look really young. Even the teacher does not look that old. The scenes are unvoiced, and the art is decent for a doujin group. I don’t like vore so I can’t say how the writing is as I didn’t read it.

For vore fans, this game is the only real game choice you have at the moment. For anyone who likes dark stories, this could be a good afternoon. For everyone else I wouldn’t really recommend it. The game is to simple and becomes easy quick, and the final ending is the only real redeeming factor.

Save contains all scenes unlocked and the stats to get any ending you want, since scene save is tied directly to game save.(I thought this game auto saved and turned it off after my first time through and lost everything. It was much easier the second time, but less fun.)


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