The Land Where One Can Make Monmusu Pets- Elf Girl Mimia

H Scene Count-25~

Created by Galaxy Wars, translated by Rare Cats

Length- 2-4 hours

Been a while since I made a proper post. Been a lot of Vns coming out that have distracted me plus a trip and  lack of games that really attracted me to them. This one though I saw and wanted to play. After Lulu Farea I wanted to try something else from the Lulu Farea guys and this is it and honestly its strangely similar. Anyway this is a raising sim made in WolfRPG.


You are a guy who just got licensed to keep a monster as a pet. Being a giant pervert you want a monster girl. You go out and find an elf girl lost in the woods who doesn’t speak your language and trick/guide her to your house where you keep her in the giant caged part of it. After checking in with the guild you are given ten days to make her want to stay with you because animal rights. So without a common language you must get her to love you within ten days. While keeping her in a cage.


This is your main gameplay screen. You choose options to raise her three stats. You have a list of achievements and some shops that give you more options. Your goal is to have her stats high enough that she will let you do the next thing in the list to her until you unlock everything and have done everything to her. It’s very easy and the ten day time limit is mostly just a check to see if you bothered making her like you at all. Unless you try you won’t fail.

The game also has some other things you can do for money to buy skill options and other things to interact with Mimia. There’s an old space shooter thing, some gambling options, and a dungeon. A thirty floor tower you can take Mimia(or a slime) to and try to find money. The combat is run into enemies to hurt them with a catch, you cannot be horizontal or vertical to the enemy. You must bump into them from a diagonal or you take damage and you die fast. Dying just loses a very small amount from her three stats in the raising portion so its not a big deal and you can just try again. It was strangely enjoyable though challenging.

H and Other Stuff

Vanilla I guess? Each scene basically follows the flow of the male think and tricking Mimia into whatever position act he wants and then the check if she’ll go through with then him being over the top in love and her having no idea what’s going on but usually enjoying it. Its the usual vanilla affair with some cosplay scenes thrown in for variety. All the scenes are fairly short.

Verdict and Save

The game made me think of some stuff about pets and love and whatnot that I doubt it was intended to do. It also reminded me of a less dark Teaching Feeling what with the time limit and raising a smallish girl. Overall the game was alright but if you want a deep raising sim or anything with real story/gameplay this ain’t it.


Save has all scenes unlocked and all options available to do as you please.

The Land Where One Can Make Monmusu Pets- Elf Girl Mimia

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