Ghost Town Gunsweeper

H Scene Count- 19~
Created by T-ENTA-P, translated/localized by Red Dahlia Interactive (on sale at nutaku)
Length- 3-5 hours

Forgot to take screenshots and already got rid of the game, so no pictures.

Anyway, this is an RPG Maker VX game from the makers of Shinobi Buster Mizuna(also on sale at Nutaku now). It’s also a sequel game without the original being brought over. It’s also the first game(to my knowledge) of Red Dahlia, some localization group that’s doing pretty random things.

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H-Count- 43
Created by Fullflap, localized by DlSite
Length- 2-4 hours

Shei San Dan is an RPG where you, the hero, needs to fix the Demon Lords seal. You were picked via blowjob and given a big chested mage to go out and adventure through a few places to save the world. Made in a self made engine, and not rpg maker. This version has the just recently added expansion episode that just came out in Japan.

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Shinobi Buster Mizuna Count- 30

Created by T-ENTA-P, translated by elfloren

Length- 8-10 hours

This is an RPG Maker VxAce game focused on a girl who was cursed as a child with lust. To rid herself of the curse she sets out to kill the five ninjas involved with the event.

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H-Scene Count- 34

Created by RPGつくり隊, translated by candyfloss

Length- 2-4 hours

Yes the game’s name is whatever. It actually kind of fits with the MC’s personality. Anyway, RPG Maker VXAce game where you play and idiotic girl who is a detective as she gets involved with a lot of things. Oh and she can read your past memories by drinking your sperm.

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H Scene Count – 71
Created by Eclipse Works(buyable on dlsite), translated by three people on ulmf, finished by m1zuki
Length- 20-40 hours

Ariadne is another game from Eclipse Works, the makers of Magica. Made in the same engine(RPG Maker VX Ace), this game improves on most of what Magica had in both combat and world scope, but sadly not really story.

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Magica ~Lord of the Magic Books~

H-Scene Count-55 scenes(1 copy, 1 non h)

Created by Eclipse Works, translated by Velociraptor Clint Thrust/m1zuki from Ulmf. Sold in Japanese on DLSite.

Length- 4-8 hours, depending on grinding and h scene hunting

Ah, Magica. Not to be confused with the game Magicka where you kill your friends with all kinds different spells, no this is an RPG Maker VXAce game with a decent focus on magic in both comabt and story. Continue reading


H-Scene Count- 20(each with 2 versions), 5 endings(one with 2 other versions)
Created by- ぼふぼふマット, translated by Nellis, available on Dlsite.
Length- 30 minutes give or take.

Gleyfloor(should be grey, but I see it as gley where I got it and on dlsite so…) is an RPGMaker VX game where you play as Mika(nameable), a smallish girl who just wants to go home after being stranded in a world of ugly men and monsters. Continue reading