Thief & Sword

Thief & SwordH-Scene Count- 27 translated, 18 untranslated(and will never probably be) and the opening movie in the gallery

Created by Yukari, translated by Roguetranlsator

Length- 5-7 hours

A half translated game, Thief and Sword follows two girls(only one is translated, you lick at start who you play) through a myriad of bad ends and a choose your own adventure system. Continue reading


Tears to Tiara

H-Scene Count- 18

Created by Leaf, translated by Dakkodango

Length- 25-35 hours


Tearts to Tiara is a strange game where most of the plot is told in flashbacks and you spend a lot of the game faffing about before things get serious. You play as the all important demon king, Arawn. Continue reading

Xross Scramble

Xross ScrambleH-Scene Count- 3

Created by TEAM BALDRHEAD, translated by Aroduc

Length- Xross- 5-8 hours   Princess- 2 hours


Xross Scramble is a collection of three Duel Savior fandiscs translated before we got the original game due to hacking problems. It contains two new stories in Xross Savior and Two Princesses, and a harder survival mode+challenge mode in Scramble Survivor. Continue reading

Duel Savior Justice/Destiny

Duel SaviorH-Scene Count- 25, and two not porn scenes.

Created by TEAM BALDRHEAD, translated by Aroduc

Length- 25-30 hours or so for first run.

This is a fighting game where you play a pervert who wants a harem of all girls in his strike zone, who could be the savior of everything. Continue reading

Rance 4.1+2 -Save the Medicine Plant!- & -Angel Army-

H-Scene Count- 4.1- 6   4.2- 10

Created by Alice-Soft, translated by Rance Translations

Length- 4.1- 2-3 hours    4.2- 3-4 hours

An adventurer/RPG game starring Rance as he goes on a random job to earn money since he ran out. These two games make one story that is short, with 4.2 picking off right where 4.1 ends. Continue reading