This site contains 18+ content in the form of pictures and descriptions of events,  if you are to young to see these forms of content please do not continue into the blog proper.

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Anyway, a quick intro to the site is in order I guess. I consider myself a completionist and for some reason I have latched onto h games(h=hentai which can mean porn) for completing. Not satisfied simply having a bunch of 100% saves to myself, I created this blog to both list the games(as no true list of English/translated porn games exists and vndb as per its rules can’t list everything here) and offer my saves.

There are three rules of which games I will cover. They are:

  1. Must be an actual game. It must contain a lose state of some kind, and some form of proper gameplay. Clicking to advance text and choosing options that just continue the story in a different directions is not gameplay. This means several NTR RPG Maker games will never be covered, as they just have you walk around and see a story. Same with traditional VNs.
  2. The game itself should be original. As in, not a mod or stolen artwork. Either you have the right to use the art or you made your own.
  3. The game must contain unlocks of some sort. Whether it be cgs, new modes, or just a sound gallery if the game doesn’t have some sort of unlocks then there isn’t much point to sharing a save for it, is there? Also being a completionist, if there is nothing to gain by playing then I have a hard time being motivated.

I will not host games. Most games are easy enough to find, and while I doubt I would get into trouble I refuse to assist in direct piracy. Support the market and all that. Addendum, I won’t cover DMM/Nutaku games or MMO style, I don’t like the business models and since you don’t get a local save and I’m not sharing my account those just won’t happen.

Also, I don’t care much for proper translations. Complete unreadable machine translations won’t show up unless they have something to do with another game I will talk about. An example being doing the machine Rance 1 so I can both talk about it and add it to the list when talking about Rance 01.

Last thing, I apparently have shit tastes. Almost any game is acceptable for me so long as it is designed decently enough. This means I will likely praise games most hate, simple because my standards aren’t as high. That is why I’ll try and focus on explaining the story type, scene type, and gameplay style over how I feel about them.

Anyway, if all you want is a list of the games and/or links to the saves, go here. Have a nice day.


10 responses to “About

  1. Can i make a request game 100% save game for dark elf,the heiress and Fallen Bitch Leona’s Exhibitionist Atelier. please… Thanks in advance.

    • I would love to just give you saves for the games, but I’m not about to touch and have never touched any of those.

      For the most part I play through everything here myself before throwing up a save, and recently I’ve been avoiding machine translated trash. Which means Dark Elf and all the other steam porn games are out. Fallen Bitch is also a machine translated thing without any editing so its also out. Never heard of the last one but it likely falls into the same situation. Sorry if that disappoints you but I just don’t want to invest time into things that physically hurt to read.

      If you must have saves for those games, find their Japanese dlsite numbers and look up saves for them. There’s a Japanese site that handles basically any Japanese h game saves.

  2. I’m so happy that I found this site. It help me with saves and also just a joy to read your reviews. I was wondering were you going to tackle Melty Quest? And when Queen of Opala Origin is finish are you going to work on that.

    • Meltys is done. I just need to get around to writing and posting it. Opala is waiting for it to be done and for any Gold version to come out then if nothing else is in the way I’ll go straight into it. I’ve gotten a bit sick of replaying the Opala games fully on every release so I’m just going to wait for it to be fully done this time. And thanks for reading.

  3. Maaa dudeee, i need the imposible, a 100% savedata of RJ151776 – Ane Kasegi can you find it or do it?

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