The Puppeteer of Prizna

H Scene Count-

Created by , translated by

Length- 4-7 hours

So when I opened this and saw that it was another wolf maker game with a completely different style, I was impressed. That engine seems far more malleable then RPG Maker ever has been. But that was about the only real positive moment I had playing this.

But more of that later. This is The Puppeteer of Prizna. A wolf 1st person dungeon crawling RPG.

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XVI~The Tower of Liz~

H Scene Count- 81+ with 3 non H
Created by Clymenia, translated by Yorimashi
Length- 5~ hours

This is XVI~The Tower of Liz~. No I have no idea what the 16 means. Maybe it’s Clymenia’s 16th product? If so that’s kinda amazing.Anyway, corruption focused RPG Maker VxAce game.

Also, screenshots! I finally bothered to look up how to do screenshots of active windows. It’s really easy and I feel like an idiot. Any game I cover from now on should have some screenshots of some sort. No h scene shots but at least combat and some art to show what the game looks like.

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Shinobi Buster Mizuna Count- 30

Created by T-ENTA-P, translated by elfloren

Length- 8-10 hours

This is an RPG Maker VxAce game focused on a girl who was cursed as a child with lust. To rid herself of the curse she sets out to kill the five ninjas involved with the event.

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H Scene Count – 71
Created by Eclipse Works(buyable on dlsite), translated by three people on ulmf, finished by m1zuki
Length- 20-40 hours

Ariadne is another game from Eclipse Works, the makers of Magica. Made in the same engine(RPG Maker VX Ace), this game improves on most of what Magica had in both combat and world scope, but sadly not really story.

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Aching Dreams 3- The Dark Planet

H-Scene Count- 17
Created by Rosewood Games
Length- 10+ hours for everything, about 3 for a run

This is a flash game where you are a captain of a team in space trying to survive a zombie outbreak while making enough money via recording and broadcasting a tv show to afford a way off the space station in the middle of nowhere.

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Welcome to Pia Carrot!! PC-FX ver.

H Scene count- 8+ a few others via save states
Created by Cocktail Soft, translated by Filler
Length- 2-3 hours for a single playthrough


Welcome to Pia Carrot is an old classic dating sim from 1996. This is the PC-FX version of the game(there are three others), which includes full voice, simple animations, a few fmv’s, and some short sex scenes. Getting the game to work will require either the very old PCFX or an emulator such as Magic Engine FX or Mednafen.

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