Ghost Town Gunsweeper

H Scene Count- 19~
Created by T-ENTA-P, translated/localized by Red Dahlia Interactive (on sale at nutaku)
Length- 3-5 hours

Forgot to take screenshots and already got rid of the game, so no pictures.

Anyway, this is an RPG Maker VX game from the makers of Shinobi Buster Mizuna(also on sale at Nutaku now). It’s also a sequel game without the original being brought over. It’s also the first game(to my knowledge) of Red Dahlia, some localization group that’s doing pretty random things.


So being a sequel, this game doesn’t really set up most of the characters or do any background. Instead, it starts with the bi blond trying to get  a raise only to find the head of their exorcism company on the ground with his soul stolen. The crew gathers up with their new schoolgirl teammate and go to find his soul at new girls birth town. After some chasing around doing pretty random things you find his soul, some magic rings, and fight grim reapers.And there’s some drama with the new girls mom and who her dad is.

The story is told badly. Like it skips proper setup a lot and just has things happen. It just sat really bad at how disconnected I felt at how quickly emotions and actions changed in scenes. Not that the story is very interesting in the first place.


So other then being a standard turn based RPG Maker game, this game has two main mechanics. One is sperm. Your company uses sperm to make healing potions and bullets that can fight ghosts. How do you get sperm? Handjobs for ghosts. You have a move that is a dedicated sex act button and if successful your girl gets covered in sperm and wipes if off after battle. But enemies also throw sperm but that doesn’t count for some reason. Thankfully you can turn off the animations for this right away if you want, as it gets pretty boring watching the same thing with slightly different text every other attempt.

The other mechanic is clothes ripping, which this game makes a chore. Your clothes just randomly start degrading and you have to talk to your male party member to fix them. It’s menu navigation in a bad menu. Actually all the menu stuff is kind of a pain since you get dropped out after every  single use of anything. Need to heal? Go into the menu five or so times. Need to reload/restore bullets? Go into the menu a couple times.

The games best feature is the skill options one, where you can set up to two moves to the top of your combat options. Since your first option for the two gun girls is shoot once and they quickly learn shoot twice, this can save a lot of trips to the skill menu.

As for other things, the game has a lot of weird or annoying features. Like why do I have to manually pick which of the two girls gets a gun? And the other just can’t use it then? Why does the team split up? You have to go to every area to find something eventually, why the need to first go through them with only two people after taking half your resources?Why do I need to pay money for magic charms from my own party member who’s from the same company? Why the FF1 treasure issue?(next to no loot is good, because find-able loot is so limited and garbage compared to the crafting)

H-Scene and Other

The scenes are animated, just like in Shinobi Buster. Sadly they didn’t have a writer for these ones. Each scene is a couple of lines long with a short animation loop, making them really not stand out. You have futa, some yuri, rape, and battle handjobs for the genres.

The rest of the game is ugly to me. I know a deserted town shouldn’t look good but nothing here is a appealing to me.

Verdict and Save

First, confession time. This might be the game with the most content I couldn’t find. By the time I beat the game I was missing about 8-10 h scenes. 4 of those because I never fought the enemies tied to them(I never even heard of them), and the one I did fight didn’t have his scene trigger for some reason. Then there’s the yuri scenes I couldn’t trigger. I don’t know if its releated to taking different paths with different characters when you split up, or just being the other lead in the party but it was weird how few things I found. Maybe some of it was NG+?

Anyway, the game is boring. Nothing it does really stands out. The animations are poor, the scenes are boring, the game doesn’t look good because of the resolution, and the story just feels made up on the spot with no thought put in(which is standard but just really adds up when nothing else is good). It’s also really easy.


Save has all scenes unlocked at the start of NG+.

Ghost Town Gunsweeper


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