Monster Girl Quest~Lose And Be Raped~

Monmusu Quest! Zenshou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~H-Scene Count- 295 replayable scenes, with 57 in combat requestable lose scenes. Total 352.

Created by Torotoro Resistance, translated by Roguetranslator. Sold in japanese on DlSite.

Length- Full game about 10-15 hours without skipping.

Monster Girl Quest was first released in 2011, in its first part. Over the next 2 years it would have two more parts released and translated. I’ll be talking about the game as a whole as that is how it is meant to be played now.

This game caused a wave of monster girl games to be released in Japan, and was very successful, surprising the creator. It is well known to many English fans, who either praise it like the best game of all time or call it a substandard adventure “game”.

H scenes and other things

Many people come to Monster girl quest for the porn, so I’ll start there. As seen above, this game has a huge amount of h-scenes. The variety is actually kind of surprising, and the writing ranges from whatever to good. The art is the major problem when it comes to the scenes. The girls are all drawn by different artists, totaling about 10-12. Some of these artists are good, and the most common one is cringe worthy. The creator is also an artist(he wrote, programmed, and drew) but his art is horrible and has the most boring designs. Stick a female torso on some kind of animal/plant/bug and call it a day.

The sounds in the game are mostly all taken from some common source sound bank(same with the backgrounds), except some of the background sex sounds may have come from the creator’s audio dramas he did before trying a game. Compared to VH, this game has an a good orgasm sound that is not a boner killer. Only 6 girls have voices in the game.

The content of the scenes, as said before, has some decent variety overall. There are sections of the game where one kind of scene dominates, but as all areas are fairly short you can get through them quickly and move on. Now, all the scenes are femdon, ranging from just domineering/sneering, to controlling, to die scum styles. Any kind of normal sex style is used, plus some monsters actually using their monster parts for the scene, like ones with tentacles sing them or them using their powers to force the scene and not just strength. So the game has anything you would find in a normal game plus a lot more, including vore(being eaten in sex). Luckily for those who dislike vore, you can turn it off in the options. The biggest issue I have with the scenes is the girls reactions. Just like in VH, only about 1 or 2 girls will ever orgasm or enjoy sex. Its all for breeding/eating/killing you and they let you know it.

Each one of the 3 parts of the game is generally dominated by different types of girls and scenes. One having the best variety overall, two having the most vore and a number of “would not do” monsters. It’s three where more then half the enemies are “would never do,” as they become increasingly creepy or disgusting design wise.


On to the story. You play as Luka, a hero wannbee who wants to untie Monsters and humans together. He just turned the right age to be blessed as a hero(monsters don’t like human semen) and go out, but before that his village is attacked. He goes out to defend it, barely does and then a lamia crashes into the ground near him. The rest of the game is about Luka and the lamia(Alice) as their relationship forms and how Luka tries to create a world of both monsters and humans while trying to listen to the monster hostile goddess, Ilias. Luka matures a lot in his journey, and if it weren’t for the sex scene style(which I’ll get to), he would feel like an adult at the end.

A lot happens and honestly, it’s probably one of the better fantasy stories I’ve read recently. The scale becomes huge near the end and you can feel the power and trust of the characters. The final scenes where handled great, and the true ending is satisfying. The story starts small but becomes  more then just a spoof on J-rpgs, and I love the game for that.


Combat is probably the games weakest section. One on one fights, and you start with nothing other then attack, guard, struggle(to escape grapples), and 3 different surrender options. While you swing your sword and fail for the first few fights, the enemies are blowing you off, giving you various other sexual services to make you orgasm and lose as HP in this game is both physical and sexual endurance. Some enemies get art for some of their attacks, and some scenes can only be seen by losing to specific moves.

After a while you start to get skills, a healing move, and some buffs and the combat becomes more rock paper scissors style stuff. Its not until near the end of part 2 where you actually have options in combat and can choose a style. Until then combat is boring, and does not really get that much better. Not to mention how many fights are luck based instead of skill based. Even on Normal, the easy difficulty some fights are just luck to win, and that only gets worse on hard mode. The combat is a good way to show how much stronger Luka is getting, but otherwise is not very fun.

This is a game you should try. The combat may turn you off from how simple and bland it is, but the other elements are handled well enough to make this a good game to spend some time on. And if you just want to read the story I keep praising, the save below has a mode called ex mode unlocked which one shots all the fights. Good for if you just want to read the story or are going for some specific achievement.

Saves contain all scenes and achievements unlocked, plus ex mode on new game. There is a save for every part(1, 1+2, full game) so you can start at any episode with full stuff from the previous.

Monster Girl Quest ~Lose And Be Raped~

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