H-Scene Count- 20(each with 2 versions), 5 endings(one with 2 other versions)
Created by- ぼふぼふマット, translated by Nellis, available on Dlsite.
Length- 30 minutes give or take.

Gleyfloor(should be grey, but I see it as gley where I got it and on dlsite so…) is an RPGMaker VX game where you play as Mika(nameable), a smallish girl who just wants to go home after being stranded in a world of ugly men and monsters. Continue reading


Vitamin Quest

H-Scene Count- 122 with lots of variations.
Creator- Butakoma 300g, translated by ?
Length- 2~ hours

Vitamin Quest is a RPG Maker VX game where you play Mikami(not her real name), a horny, huge chested elf wearing only a swimsuit who wants to bang a lot, have a lot of kids, and is returning a favor for a priestess she knows.

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