Noxian Nights

H Scene Count- ~101
Created by Hreinn Games
Length- 5-7 hours

Noxian Nights has you as Riven, the women from League of Legends on a quest for revenge. It’s a finished patreon RPGMakerVXAce game.


You, as Riven, are going to some in the middle of the mountains village to kill a general of your home country because he betrayed you and killed a lot of soldiers on both sides of the war. As you arrive you get attacked by a tentacle monster and are taken out. You wake up in a creeps house who demands a blowjob for letting you sleep there. You have no choice, give it to him and then you can wander the town and find the general. You are saved by a man who wants this general gone just like you do and he sets you up on your quest to take him out all while meeting other League of Legends girls.

Oh and the area around the village has a lust aura of sorts. Everyone there wants sex and this definitely effects our main females throughout the game.

Anyway, the story is alright. I honestly prefer revenge stories for these kinds of games over kill the demon lord anyway and this works. It sets up a goal and all your actions are basically to topple the big bad. It has a few twists that are alright though I did think the game was going to end like three times before it actually did.


For the most part its a basic RPG Maker game. It has quests and basic combat and not much that stands out. It has a lust mechanic which you should get as high as possible(there is no rewards for purity), some free explore points where you can go around and try to find as many h scenes as you want.

It does have some special mechanics in its endings though. Of the 8~ endings three of them have special gameplay that is closer to a simulation/raising game. Most of the game is combat oriented and the fights are alright. No sharp spikes of stupid difficulty other then super bosses who you will be ready to fight by the time they are available. I do feel you start the game really weak but a level or two and suddenly you are good to go.

H Scenes and Other Stuff

There’s a lot of porn in this game and a nice variety of stuff. Tentacles is a big fetish, and so is animal dicks but there is also lesbian scenes, orgies, futa, rape and so on. Each of the three main girls gets a lot of scenes with varied content. The scenes are also all really close together so even though a number of them are on the shorter side you can almost always find another h scene really close by to watch. Some are even replaybable in the story.

The art is good, though sometimes you will get the girls in the same positions and you will swear they just switched heads and nothing else. Music and visuals are for the most part the usual fair.

Final Verdict and Save

I didn’t care for this much. I played it because the Ouroboros maker worked on it but that game appealed to me a lot more then this one. Maybe it’s because I don’t care for League of Legends or maybe its just the setting and such a sex filled game didn’t appeal to me but it doesn’t stand out to me compared to the vast number of games I’ve played. Plus I really didn’t like Riven. I don’t know if she’s suppose to be the stupid optimist, but that’s what she became and if felt really out of place compared to how she first presents herself.

Basically, if you want a LoL sex game this is for you. Other wise its not what I would call special.



Lots of saves for this game. I have the main gallery and the three special ending ones. I also have a save right before the final boss with all the endings available. Depending on if you activate the crystal or place the shard on the run symbol to the left of the boss door you can get every ending in the game.

Noxian Nights

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