Futanari Quest

H Scene Count- 9

Created by ,

Length- 2 hours or so

RPGMaker MV, so expect slowdown on older computers(like mine!). This, if you can’t tell, is a futa RPG thing which is really rare for the English market.

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Naedoko’s Demon Ground or Pregnant Princess of Naraku

H Scene Count-115 replayable things.

Created by Tsukinomizu Project, translated by Chronomium

Length- 20 or so hours, mostly because of no text skip and how slow fights are

Neither of those titles are accurate by the way. No idea who Naraku is supposed to be, and Naedoko is definitely no one in this game. Eilza is the protagonist. Anyway, pettanko( trying to move away from the word loli) tentacle/yuri/futa rpg maker VXAce game.


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First, I ripped the post mostly from the Misc other games page/tab. I’ll be doing this over the coming year to get rid of that page. Sorry if it feels a bit to straightforward and lacking details. I don’t have much I want to add to things from the Misc section.


Anyway, this is an English original futa(mostly) puzzle game of sorts made in Rempy. Has DLC so will update as they stuff comes out.

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Ghost Town Gunsweeper

H Scene Count- 19~
Created by T-ENTA-P, translated/localized by Red Dahlia Interactive (on sale at nutaku)
Length- 3-5 hours

Forgot to take screenshots and already got rid of the game, so no pictures.

Anyway, this is an RPG Maker VX game from the makers of Shinobi Buster Mizuna(also on sale at Nutaku now). It’s also a sequel game without the original being brought over. It’s also the first game(to my knowledge) of Red Dahlia, some localization group that’s doing pretty random things.

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Shinobi Buster Mizuna

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/-y_ctghREtpi9HgZlOTdVgW_dEU8_H-TJ8TAr55CqjD6CNzG18uYooyqLSmRUEfeqNUke7LxvG81dTUecIeMcweydj3R=w506-h379H-Scene Count- 30

Created by T-ENTA-P, translated by elfloren

Length- 8-10 hours

This is an RPG Maker VxAce game focused on a girl who was cursed as a child with lust. To rid herself of the curse she sets out to kill the five ninjas involved with the event.

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Ass Effect Episode 2-3

H-Scene count- 10 each

Created by a team with no name. Went on to create Roundscape:Andorevia

Length- 2-3 hours each


A porn ode to Mass Effect, these rpgmaker games take place 9 months after the Reaper War. Episode 2 start where the first(which has no gallery) starts off, which is with FemShep and Liara being kidnapped(somehow). Eventually you find out its Cerebrus, take them on and defeat the big evil in the 3rd game. The plots alright, but nothing special or unique. The characters at least keep some of their real game traits until porn starts and then they become nymphos. Continue reading