Haramikko Tamer Aria

H-Scene Count- 15
Created by tsukudani1, translated by Joe007
Length- 2-4 hours

This is an RPGMaker VXAce game that pretends to be Pokemon, poorly. Sex to give birth to your monsters to do battle against other monsters.

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Words Worth XP

H Scene Count- 5~
Created by Elf, translated by Fun Translations.
Length- 20-30 hours

Words Worth is a first person action dungeon crawler created in the early nineties. Near the end of the nineties it was remade with better art and that version is called Words Worth Xp, which received a translation by Fun Translations, a group that sold translations but went under fairly quickly. This is the only one of their games(out of 4) to have the patch surface later, and from the quality I am perfectly fine with that, since the English in this game is one of its weakest points.

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Agent Alona- The Japan Investigation

Replayable Scene Count- 103

Created by- Combin Ation, translated him to, buyable on dlsite with an uncensored version on his blog.

Length- 2-4 hours

Agent Alona is an RPG Maker Xp game that follows the tale of Alona, a secret government agent who goes to Japan to find some drugs that are potent and stop their production/sale.

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Exhibitionist and Chimaera

https://englishhrpgs.wordpress.com/tag/recent-pastH-Scene Count-18

Created by- Recent Past, also translated by them(purchasable on dlsite)

Length- 1 hour

This is a boring, repetitive game where you either run to the right in an infinite runner style or play an active battle system thing as shown above. With only the mouse. Continue reading