Mangagamer Survey Results Hints

I always love this time of year. When for like a day or two people throw completely random guesses at titles that Mangagamer has hinted at via their survey results.  As sad as it might seem to some people, this was the first thing I was looking forward to this year. It’s fun watching communities work together at stuff like this. I follow it pretty closely and so I figured I would compile the most sensible or sensical answers I’ve seen. Note that not every hint might have even been identified as of now or ever. I’m working with what we do know.

This will be getting a page with basically this post in a few days so if anyone wants to throw some knowledge or just check the answers when the time comes it’s in an easy to find place.

Hints and Survey Results-

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In my last post I mentioned some things that I want to mention here, but I also figure I should go over some things like why I don’t do ratings because I want to.

So first, Games with noticeably bad English are done. As in I won’t play them anymore. This is for two reasons. First, RPGMaker Trans(a program to make patching RPG maker games easier and slightly less illegal) has gained a machine translation part to it. This of course will lead to people treating their machine translation patches as real translations and I’m not supporting that. Partly because some machine translations are complete jokes and I because I would rather support humans who learned a skill and may be getting paid for that skill then support the machine stealing job thing. Continue reading


H-Count- 43
Created by Fullflap, localized by DlSite
Length- 2-4 hours

Shei San Dan is an RPG where you, the hero, needs to fix the Demon Lords seal. You were picked via blowjob and given a big chested mage to go out and adventure through a few places to save the world. Made in a self made engine, and not rpg maker. This version has the just recently added expansion episode that just came out in Japan.

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