Venus Blood -Chimera-

H Scene Count- 92

Created by Dual Tail, translated by hybridtransaltion

Length- ?(I skipped everything and got 100% in about 5 hours)


Venus Blood -Chimera- is a sex raising sim. It’s main theme(that the entire Venus Blood series shares) is corruption. Turning “pure” into tainted beings. This is considered one of the weakest entries and one of the few that isn’t more of an RPG/strategy game. It’s basically completely against my tastes(rape, tentacles, corruption) so I skipped most of the game. I read some heroine route bits and the true end to know what happened but skipped every h scene.



A demon god has 3 sacrificial women brought to him every some number of years. This time, they come with a warrior named Rook who defeats the demon god. The god, in energy form, takes the warriors body and renames himself Crow.

Soon, a succubus named Dana shows up and tells Crow he needs to pay the demon world 40,000+ sutra aka mana in money form or be killed. Apparently women in agony and pleasure release a lot of this energy so Crow recaptures the princesses and trains them by inserting chimera into himself as apparently his human body isn’t good enough at sex to get what he needs in the one month time limit.

So the game begins with you recapturing the girls. A saint, a beastwomen, and a warrior and training them through humiliation and monster rape. You keep their minds intact while training them and use them as mana generators.

The game has a true route that kinda makes the individual(romantic corruption) routes pointless in my opinion. Honestly I kinda hate true routes as they always do that. You’ll have 3+ good endings only to learn that some unknown thing is going to ruin it at some point in the short future. Something that is barely foreshadowed at all. The true route in this game opens up with Dana giving you a plot dump all of a sudden. It isn’t satisfying since Crow basically didn’t do anything.


It’s a sex raising sim. Their’s like 8 stats to manage, but only 4 really matter. Each girl’s hp, mind and corruption are the most important, and Sutra. Sutra decides if you get a not bad ending and allows you to buy things. The girl’s stats on the other hand are your major source of planning and building. The higher hp is the higher stat growths a girl gets, if it hits 0 you have to spend a turn reviving the girl. Mind, if it gets to 100, puts the girl in a pleasure state that boosts how much stats they earn by a lot, even to things to they would normally only get +1  for. An item will cause pleasure(and items can be used once per turn) an d if used on a girl already in pleasure will increase the bonuses by even more.

Then you have corruption. The main training stat. At certain levels of corruption you get girl story scenes and the next level of training options. This should always be the main stat you are working on. The higher the training the better the stat gains and the more Sutra you earn. At level 12+ corruption the girls enter special states that increase how much you earn by a huge margin and basically makes them stop taking hp damage. Their are other stats. Karma, chimera level, energy and each girl has maso and lewd levels but they don’t really matter. I don’t even know what the karma does as it doesn’t matter. Maybe for high score games(which is what this system is really designed for I guess) it would, bu the new game+ bonuses makes all the above mostly pointless.

So once you gameover/get an ending you get NG+ bonuses. 6 of them, though only two matter. The big one to me is the 40K starting sutra as it allows you to get a non bad ending no matter what. You basically take this to learn the game so you can avoid the two progression based bad ends and can see the girls scenes without having to worry about money gain. Then you have the start girls in brainwashed bonus. This skips a couple of turns of getting the girls into normal status(they all start at hate, which lowers stat gains and stops story progress) and increases their stat gains overall. The only problem I noticed about brainwashed is that you cannot get normal girl endings with it active.Which is fine, it’s great for getting harem and true which are the endings where you need a lot more money and progress anyway.

So basically because the NG+ bonuses break the game, most of its system don’t matter much. You unlock those as soon as you gameover which can be as early as turn 4. Then you unlock a hint section that tells you how to get all the endings and the bonuses that make the main game a joke.

H Scene and Other Stuff

I don’t feel I can say anything here. I muted the game early on, and I skipped every scene. I can say there is a lot of variety of messed up stuff and a lot of tentacles. From what I can understand, Crow fuses with a majority of the creatures so at least he is the one sexing the girls, usually. Beyond that, its about corruption of pain into pleasure and turning “good” people into darker people.

Verdict and Save

Probably because of the NG+ stuff I didn’t really enjoy playing this as a game at all. It became more of a progression gallery as I unlocked scene after scene until I hit 100% completion. From what I can tell of the story, I doubt it matters in the long run for the Venus Blood series. So unless you really like monster sex, I wouldn’t play this. It doesn’t really do anything good and isn’t really fun.


Venus Blood -Chimera-

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