Words Worth XP

H Scene Count- 5~
Created by Elf, translated by Fun Translations.
Length- 20-30 hours

Words Worth is a first person action dungeon crawler created in the early nineties. Near the end of the nineties it was remade with better art and that version is called Words Worth Xp, which received a translation by Fun Translations, a group that sold translations but went under fairly quickly. This is the only one of their games(out of 4) to have the patch surface later, and from the quality I am perfectly fine with that, since the English in this game is one of its weakest points.

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Welcome to Pia Carrot!! PC-FX ver.

H Scene count- 8+ a few others via save states
Created by Cocktail Soft, translated by Filler
Length- 2-3 hours for a single playthrough


Welcome to Pia Carrot is an old classic dating sim from 1996. This is the PC-FX version of the game(there are three others), which includes full voice, simple animations, a few fmv’s, and some short sex scenes. Getting the game to work will require either the very old PCFX or an emulator such as Magic Engine FX or Mednafen.

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Legend of Queen Opala- Origins: Part 1

H Scene Count-

Created by SweGabe

Length- ~8 hours

Consider this a stub. I’m just making this post for now to show the save, I won’t properly cover this game until a scene replay is in it. So for now, just a save.

Save contains all artworks gathered of all kinds as available in this part. An item that lets you go back through the story using my characters. And each save contains different versions of the main character in the gallery. Such as one save has the main character as a white guy, while another has him as black.

Legend of Queen Opala Origins