Some actiony games

A few more random games that I’ve played that aren’t getting full posts. The theme this time around is real time combat of some sort.


Brave Soul- Hack and slash top down game with vanilla standard scenes.

Eroico-Platformer with monster girl animations and cgs

Holy Grail of Alharah- Wolf maker action RPG with defeat monster animations.

Chaosrise- Schmup with lose cgs.


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Milftown Games

This post has Milftown and Milftown Adventure. Beach, the technical third game from the devs, never finished. Maybe one day I’ll run through to grab scene saves but considering I then have to write a damn walkthrough for each scene, unlikely. They are doing a fourth game, but it’s in basically pre alpha levels of work.

Anyway, like all western shota/milf stuff, the h writing is horrible but the images are decent. Neither of these are good, so if milf/shota is not your fetish, don’t bother.


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Kara no Shojo

Phoenix Wright-ish detectiving, Kara no Shojo and its sequel are in this post. I don’t care for the series personally(I prefer a little less soul crushing in my murder mystery endings), and it barely counts as a game, but I will admit few VN’s require a walkthrough as much as the first Kara game does.



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Honey Select and Sexy Beach 3

Illusion games for the most part will probably be in this post, as they tend to have little for me to say anything about I have no issue throwing them together. I liken Illusion to Bethesda in that the games themselves tend to be decent at best, its the modding communities that make them great.


Anyway, I’ll update this post as Honey Select DLC comes out and if/when another Illusion title is released.

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