Harem Collector V .33.3

H Scene Count- 50~?

Created by Badkittygames, patreon

Length- 20 or so hours right now

The game is currently going to the above artstyle from the below.

This is one of the older RPG Maker h games, and one of the only RPG’s I know of that has time management as a game mechanic. I was playing this religiously back in 2015-16. This is the first time I’ve played it since then and it has almost doubled in content. It’s something of an homage to a bunch of different games, with Rance being the biggest inspiration. Oh, its not not done yet, but even though the version number is really low its closer to half done, with a big chunk of that being none plot missions.



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School of Lust V.2.1

H Scene Count- The game says ~20, but only about 5 of them are really more then teases and light nudity.

Created by Boner games, patreon

Length- For now about 2-3 hours to get all the scenes if you know what you are doing.

Image result for school of lust

RPG Maker MV game. Animation everywhere, fully playable with the mouse; its the future man. So yeah, patreon thing so not done. I’ll be writing up some thoughts on patreon in general in a few days as well as some stuff about the blog. As for this thing…


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Scene Count- ~30

Created by- Cypress Zeta

Length- ~10 hours


Overwhored is an homage/parody of the Overlord series from the PS2/Xbox generation of consoles made in RPG Maker VXAce. It takes a similar idea to Overlord and adds sex to it, and does so to a questionable result.

This is also one of the first patreon porn games to be finished, technically. There is plans to update it later to truly end the story, which I’ll update this post when that happens in a year or two.

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Toushin Toshi 2

Toushin Toshi 2H-Scene Count- 41

Created by Alice-Soft, translated by Arunaru

Length 15-20 hours


In Toushin Toshi 2, you play as a man named Seed who is living at a dojo. His girlfriend, Hazuki, is the daughter of the master. The master, needed a successor and Seed not progressing in his training at all, sends Hazuki with the best from the dojo to a tournamnet where if her partner wins, she can marry Seed(at least thats what he tells her.)

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Legend of Queen Opala 2 -Golden Edition

H-Scene Count- 19, with 13 having two cg variations, and 3 miniscenes one for each royal impreg stuff

Created by Swegabe

Length- 20-40 hours due to some grinding

The sequel to LOQO 1(duh), the final part of 2 was finally released early February 2014, and immediately received both complaint and praise. If you go into this game expecting the same as the first, you will be disappointed, but this is a good long rpg in its own right.

First the good. The h-scene writing quality is as good as before and their is even two art styles to choose from, eastern and western that have unique scenes. Their is an issue you might have though compared to the last game, due to how Swegabe wrote the game Continue reading

Legend of Queen Opala 1- Golden Edition

H-Scene Count- 10 scenes. + 15 voice only sex scenes

Created by Swegabe, a women from deviantart+ a lot of other artist submissions and orders.

Length- story- 3-5 hours, post game content 10-15 hours.

Legend of Queen Opala(LOQO) was a strange game when I first found it. It was both my first made in English h-game that was not flash, and my first rpg maker experience. I am kind of glad this was my first since the content was good and complete, unlike many other rpg maker games I could have started with.

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