Magician of the Olecta Desert

H Scene Count- 24~

Created by 男爵領, translated by farcefield

Length- 8~ hours.

This is a spiritual succesor/sequel that only shares the MC of Escape from Fort Rugoem. For the most part the two games are incredibly similar, so I’m going to focus on the low amount of differences here. For a more thorough look at the game style, look at the Fort post.

*Note- Bug yaoi. This game does not contain that even though dlsite says it does. No idea why it lists that as a sexual genre.


Aisha is back and this time she has to deliver a letter to a mage. That mage can only be reached through a teleporter found in the Olceta desert ruins which are filled with ex-soldier turned bandits, assassins and of course, cultists. She must brave through the ruins filled with dangers to her body while trying to deliver a letter you never really learn anything about.

There is some flavor backstory scattered about, like why the bandits are there or why the cultists are there but it matters little. All three groups are really just obstacles to your only real goal.


So I don’t remember Fort having a disappear skill that makes the stealth a joke, but this game does. While not useful on everything at the start, you can eventually walk around undetected once you get sources of energy restoration. Which of course makes the stealth a complete breeze.

I’m also not sure, but I don’t Fort used d# for damage on weapons like this one does. To make the game more D&D like you get a feat every three levels which can unlock a few more varied options for doing things and the weapons all do dice damage. You even get random luck rolls that if you fail you usually get raped.

Beyond that though the game is mostly the same. You arrive at the site either undetected or captured and the game plays out a few events as you make your way around either undetected or killing/sleeping with every threat. This sense of replay is nice and unlock the first game, this one has some achievements for those who care to collect them based on how you play the game.

H-Scenes and Other Stuff

The sex is mostly the same as the first game. In fact, I think the main four scenes are basically the exact same ones with a different guy and some different clothes. Gangbang/rape, slavery, and prostitution . All of medium length with some sound effects. There is a tentacle scene which I have to guess is where the bug yaoi tag that everyone lists for the game comes from, but its really just a tame tentacle scene. No idea why the game gets that tag, other then the sandworm there’s no bugs in it.

Verdict and Save

I don’t know why, but I found Fort to be the better game. Maybe its the setting or maybe my mood? The two games are very similar but Fort was just better. Both are decent mind you and can be worth your time if stealth based RPGs are your thing, but the original was a better experience for me at least.


Save has all h scenes unlocked and all medals/achievements(though depending on English patch one might be locked.) To get to the gallery, use the Guild Notes item in your key items.

Magician of the Olecta Desert


2 responses to “Magician of the Olecta Desert

    • You don’t need to beat the dragon. All it gets you is an achievement and a bonus bit to the ending. As for actually fighting it, have the thunder resist ring and throw the fishnet on him, and make sure to have a good weapon and to have built for combat. Here’s a link to some guy who wrote a walkthrough, just download it and search through for bits about the dragon and it should guide you into beating it. It’s been to long for me to give detailed instructions.

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