Holiday Island V

H Scene Count- I think in the 30’s?

Created by darkhound, patreon

Length- 10 hours+

Ren’py dating sim using a modeling software on patreon. Not done but has a decent amount of content for the stacked girls.


You are a guy who won a trip to an island. You learn that the only people on the island will be you and model level women, so of course you go there. You flirt, ogle, and even xxx as you go about your leisurely vacation.

I’m sure eventually it will get into why a company would send out a ticket to basically a sex island with women who would never give our protag the time of day anywhere else, but for now there’s only a few clues and flirting.


Dating sim with (for now) and infinite time limit. You go about your day in half hour increments doing things to increase your stats and the girls love stats so you can sex them all the way. You can get money be giving sperm samples to the nurse which you use to buy temp stat ups and gifts. But more importantly control the girls shifts and who is on the island.

The game has around 15 girls, but only 12 can be on the island at any given point and three of those are story characters. By using the money you can pick and chose who is on the island, and when you start up the game you can choose body type and breast size as a sort of preference for who starts on the island which I think is a much better idea then true random.

So most of the game is going on your phone, checking what you need for a scene, and trying to get that to happen. Girl needs to be alone? Send everyone else away to change clothes. Need them as the doctor for a few days? Talk to the receptionist and pay up. Need them to wear the skimpiest thing they can? Up their affection and tell them to change. For the most part you are the master of the island so work out and get the girls. So kiss, hug and talk. Be a stalker for your favorite girl and make them fall. If you fail a stat check the game will usually tell you what you needed so pay attention for next time. Almost everything is repeatable.

For now the work out part is annoyingly slow, so the creator unlocked console commands for now. I used these to speed things up or get stuff I needed the game refused to give me.  You can not use them but then your first few weeks are going to be grinding stats instead of grinding girls.

The game has a few other small mechanical things like hacking(does little for now), but the only other form of gameplay is poker. Strip poker with the girls having different levels of competence, but since its ren’py and you can just rollback at any time… At some point these will probably all lead to some form of sex or something, but right now it just increases the girl’s favor which I don’t think does anything.

H and Other stuff

It’s a lot of cleavage and teasing. There is animated sex, but it takes a bit of work to get and it’s not evenly split between the girls. Some girls don’t have any, some have a single scene and a very small group have 6+ each. It’s the usual consensual stuff with some animations and very short dialogue with basic English sex talk. Also has some harem/lesbian stuff leaking into it.

The creator polls the kind of girls his patrons want more content for, and big breasts have won a lot. To the point that medium and small make up less then half the cast and only about 5 girls in that group have any real content. So if you like really big boobs this is great, for the others it will take awhile.

One mechanic I didn’t mention above is sexting. Randomly through the day girls who like you send you an image of them being naked or something. You can use these as their profile pics in your phone, and there’s a decent number of them. Each category is tracked separately and the pictures repeat once an entire category has been seen for that girl.

Verdict and Save

Usually I would start by praising the variety of girls, but considering the way content is being handled that feels a bit silly. Only the big girls really have content, though I will still praise the height, skin color, and general size variety. Patreon games seem to do that well, which I guess makes sense. More coverage means more potential fans. Anyway, play this as a nukige and its good. Play it as a dating sim and it can be slow but decent. I liked it a lot. The free roam nature meant I could go for scenes as I wanted and I like when h scenes aren’t just story controlled things and make me work for them a bit and get them in any order I want. Overall, this is a good relaxing h game. No intense anything, no real plot, just float around with attractive women.


Save. I have a save for every full out sex scene, now at the start of the scene. Just copy the girl’s folder into the game’s save folder and load, the save’s will describe the event.  Some might not trigger on the first or tenth attempt, or might bug out and in those cases just hit ignore or rollback and try again, they should work eventually.  The complete save has the entire sex gallery on your phone filled out. No replay system, probably because just about everything is doable again at any time if you know what to do. Also has the previous versions full save for anyone who just wants to hunt for new content aka the people who lost/deleted their saves.(not in current)

Newest Version Review,

Two real changes for the game with this update. One, the rescheduling of the girls appointments was fixed up. This is a feature I probably won’t be using much, but it can help considering the randomness of when they want to do things. Second, you can now visit the girls rooms and ask them to do stuff. For now you can only invite them to go to the areas for a bit which gives you some control of how they act, but eventually I imagine this will lead to some decent content. For now there’s a single small sidequest for Amy and some new renders and that’s really it for the feature. As for sexual content, one new scene with Joy and a clothing show with Amy and that’s it. Joy’s is the finale to Eva’s sidequest about her boobs so that’s finally done.

Decent small update with content that does lead to making the game easier to control/play.


Holiday Island


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