Duel Savior Justice/Destiny

Duel SaviorH-Scene Count- 25, and two not porn scenes.

Created by TEAM BALDRHEAD, translated by Aroduc

Length- 25-30 hours or so for first run.

This is a fighting game where you play a pervert who wants a harem of all girls in his strike zone, who could be the savior of everything. Continue reading


Men at Work 2~Welcome to Hunter’s Academy~

Men at Work! 2 ~Hunter Academy e Youkoso~H-Scene Count- 30

Created by Studio e-go, translated by Mirror Moon

Length- 10-20 hours, depending on how often it crashes


This is a remake of the original, with better art and voice acting. It follows a man named Cliff as he learns how to be a Hunter, someone who can fight monsters and protect people.

It’s a turn based RPG where you control 3 people at once. The characters are Cliff, his cousin, a priestess, a siren, a ghost, and a succubus. Continue reading