Naedoko’s Demon Ground or Pregnant Princess of Naraku

H Scene Count-115 replayable things.

Created by Tsukinomizu Project, translated by Chronomium

Length- 20 or so hours, mostly because of no text skip and how slow fights are

Neither of those titles are accurate by the way. No idea who Naraku is supposed to be, and Naedoko is definitely no one in this game. Eilza is the protagonist. Anyway, pettanko( trying to move away from the word loli) tentacle/yuri/futa rpg maker VXAce game.


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Sengoku NEET

H-Scene Count- 42

Created by JaxyCreate, translated by u-ray

Length- 3-5 hours

This is a worlfmaker game, which is a similar in concept engine to RPGMaker but allows more real time combat and strategy stuff. This game in question is something of a Sengoku parody.

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Drop Factory

H Scene Count- 60~ not counting battle/loss animations
Created by Bukatoma 300g, translated by mizuki/JKL/slaking
Length- 5-7 hours for a majority of the content, 20 for 100%.

Drop Factory is a free RPG Maker VX game by the person who made Vitamin Quest. It stars Shizuka, the cow idol from Idolmaster Cinderalla as she goes about a carefree life doing things.

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Beat Blades Haruka

Scene Count- 150+
Created by Alicesoft, published my ManagaGamer, translated by Arunaru
Length- 20-30 depending on how many h scenes you read.

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So Beat Blades Haruka. Its another Alicesoft game, making it like the 15 or so Alicesoft title to be translated, and the first to be officially licensed and sold in the west. It has some drama surrounding that fact, but that’s not really important. An important thing to note is Haruka is unlike every other Alicesoft title in the west, so for this game I’m going to start with the gameplay as that’s what most people probably want to know about.

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H-Scene Count- 20(each with 2 versions), 5 endings(one with 2 other versions)
Created by- ぼふぼふマット, translated by Nellis, available on Dlsite.
Length- 30 minutes give or take.

Gleyfloor(should be grey, but I see it as gley where I got it and on dlsite so…) is an RPGMaker VX game where you play as Mika(nameable), a smallish girl who just wants to go home after being stranded in a world of ugly men and monsters. Continue reading

Vitamin Quest

H-Scene Count- 122 with lots of variations.
Creator- Butakoma 300g, translated by ?
Length- 2~ hours

Vitamin Quest is a RPG Maker VX game where you play Mikami(not her real name), a horny, huge chested elf wearing only a swimsuit who wants to bang a lot, have a lot of kids, and is returning a favor for a priestess she knows.

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Orc Strike ~Revenge War of Gregory~

H-Scene count- 51+14 repeats with varying hair colors

Created by Pon de Ushi, translated by ramza022 from ulmf forums. Buyable in Japanese on dlsite.

Length-10-15 hours

Orc Strike is an Rpg Maker VX game where you play as an orc named Gregory, bent on getting revenge for humans destroying their kindgom. He needs to repopulate the kingdom and so goes town to town, taking over and taking the women for himself. The women are mostly characters from anime and manga.

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Arms Devicer!+

H-Scene Count- 106

Created by CircleKame, translated by Velociraptor Clint Thrust from Ulmf

Length-4-6 hours for one route, 10-15 hours for the whole game. Sold in Japanese on DLSite.

Arms Devicer!+ is a RPG Maker VXAce game where you play as Rio, a busty blonde naive girl who after her mom died left home and struck out for herself. Meeting Cecilia, a guild member, Rio gets brought into the guild to fight monsters and help people out. Continue reading

Saki Quest

H-Scene Count- 77 total, with 44 of those having pregnant variations.

Created by Amatsuchiya, translated by MonkeyMan767 on the Ulmf forum. Sold in Japanese on DLSite.

Length- 5-7 hours


Saki Quest is an RPG Maker VX game where you play as Saki(nameable), who becomes a magical girl because she had to be curious and caused her respected upperclassmen/magical girl to be captured.

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Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Bancho

Minna Daisuki Kozukuri BanchouH-Scene Count- 23(3 from add-ons), and all 11 endings replayable

Created by Anastasia(sister company to Eushully), translated by ——.

Length- 3-5~ hours

Wile Eushully is known for creating high quality RPG’s, their sister company has made a few more oddish games. This one being about a guy who equips babies to help him play bumper cars.

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