Magica ~Lord of the Magic Books~

H-Scene Count-55 scenes(1 copy, 1 non h)

Created by Eclipse Works, translated by Velociraptor Clint Thrust/m1zuki from Ulmf. Sold in Japanese on DLSite.

Length- 4-8 hours, depending on grinding and h scene hunting

Ah, Magica. Not to be confused with the game Magicka where you kill your friends with all kinds different spells, no this is an RPG Maker VXAce game with a decent focus on magic in both comabt and story. Continue reading


Legend of Queen Opala- Origins: Part 1

H Scene Count-

Created by SweGabe

Length- ~8 hours

Consider this a stub. I’m just making this post for now to show the save, I won’t properly cover this game until a scene replay is in it. So for now, just a save.

Save contains all artworks gathered of all kinds as available in this part. An item that lets you go back through the story using my characters. And each save contains different versions of the main character in the gallery. Such as one save has the main character as a white guy, while another has him as black.

Legend of Queen Opala Origins


Sacred Eyes

H-Scene Count- 52+21 virginity variations.

Created by enuemu, translated by Velociraptor Clit Thrust from ULMF. Buyable on Dlsite.

Length- 3-5 hours

-Update- A fully patched version was released for Christmas 2014 by HentaiUniverse for anyone to use. Can be found on Ulmf.


Sacred Eyes is an RPG Maker VX game that follows Milia, a blond busty girl who becomes a Saint Knight to protect a town she moved into from the increasing amounts of monsters that have been showing up and attacking people. By following the jobs given to her by the leader of the town guard she protects the peace and fights off monsters.

Continue reading

Thief & Sword

Thief & SwordH-Scene Count- 27 translated, 18 untranslated(and will never probably be) and the opening movie in the gallery

Created by Yukari, translated by Roguetranlsator

Length- 5-7 hours

A half translated game, Thief and Sword follows two girls(only one is translated, you lick at start who you play) through a myriad of bad ends and a choose your own adventure system. Continue reading