The Puppeteer of Prizna

H Scene Count-

Created by , translated by

Length- 4-7 hours

So when I opened this and saw that it was another wolf maker game with a completely different style, I was impressed. That engine seems far more malleable then RPG Maker ever has been. But that was about the only real positive moment I had playing this.

But more of that later. This is The Puppeteer of Prizna. A wolf 1st person dungeon crawling RPG.


So I don’t know if this is a sequel or not because I didn’t get any real introductions to anything. You start in a dungeon with no monsters. One of your party members had a dream about a secret door. Once found, that secret door leads to a statue of sorts that gifts the MC a ring. Once back home, a big boobed blonde miko tells them of a legend that basically leads to finding four more statues to unlock power so our MC can become the Demon Lord, her life goal.

Then the plot ends until the end of the game which I won’t spoil. There’s like 10 or so dungeons in this game but none of them have any real lore or anything. They’re just there for you to pilfer as you search for the statues.


So combat is mostly basic. You have a party of four girls each with their own class role, and all skills are based on equipment, which the girls classes dictate what they can sue. None of this matters though. That ring you got at the start? It gives you a spell that will instant kill 3 things per turn for the first half of the game and will say the strongest move throughout. You even start with a skill that lets you recharge that MP you just used for free. Basically, combat is really easy.

Not that you need to fight a lot. Each of the ten or so dungeons have an artifact that when obtained, give you a large experience boost. Way more then you get from fights. Other then getting monster drops for adding monsters to the arena, you really don’t need to fight much in this. Which is good since fighting is really bland. Not to mention that until the two bosses at the very end of the game, you can’t die. Losing all your hp just lets enemies sex that character which gives you a surrender or not option. As long you select not you can keep fighting until you win. It’s really weird to see four 0 health characters winning a fight but its possible.

Other then combat you have sexual stats which I don’t think do anything? You have a stat for like every sensitive area but you don’t take extra damage or anything by having a highly sensitive anything. I don’t think you need any lust points that each human girl has either. All the scenes happen as you see other scenes and none of them seemed to have stat based unlocks.

And you can dress up your MC. Which is the major appeal of this I guess. Each wearable slot has about 3 or so options for it,and you can change the color of everything. Hair, eyes, skin, hat, shirt, pants, accessory. If I liked dressup mechanics this alone would be the high point of the game. There’s even someone on ULMF editing the clothing to look more erotic/good.

And one mention of the movement. Its very slow. The move forward is fine, but turning so you can navigate the mazes that each dungeon is? Horribly slow. Like as much as I don’t like Raidy 3, it at least had a snappy turn along with strafing. This has nothing to fix the movement which makes dungeons take forever. A good two or three hours of my play time was probably just turning.

H Stuff and Other

The porn is mostly throwaway, with 50% vanilla and 50% rapey stuff. The only scene where the dialogue isn’t two word sentences is the last two which I put in the cruel rather then erotic category. Sure, you’re clothes and skin get reflected in the scenes, but when the scenes are boring/short and the insertion noise reminds you of a gunshot, then no. The porn just isn’t good is what I’m saying.

The game itself looks very simple which isn’t very surprising. The music I actually did enjoy until I started not fighting and then it got tiring. But until that point it was enjoyable.


Final Verdict and Save

I didn’t enjoy this at all. The only good point I can see is dressup mechanic. Everything else is substandard or outright not done well at all. Rarely do I find a game this boring, but nope. Even Ghost Town was more enjoyable then this.


Save contains all scenes, all arena monsters, and all clothing options available. As well as a save right next to the final boss.

The Puppeteer of Prizna


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