Sakurako Matrix

H Scene Count- 22 scenes and 7 cgs
Created by Adult’s Hobby, and translated by Djweish
Length- 4-10 hours

Sakurako Matrix is an RPG Maker Xp game that uses the Majora’s Mask formula of repeating three days while also throwing in tentacle porn.


You play as Sakurako, a girl with a boring life who never seems to speak. She is summoned as a hero to another world where in three days the world is suppose to end. Your summoner just tells you to come back in three days to be sent back. Three days later, everything goes to hell and you are given the ability to travel back to just when you were summoned to repeat the days until you save the world. Also, the last summoned hero was a tentacle monster, and its offspring really like to have sex with women and have gotten really aggressive recently.

The story is what it is. A lot of small events exist to take up time and get you stuff, but your real goal is to save the world.


There is normal combat in this game. You can fight by hitting the action key while next to a monster, but it is more likely to win and rape you if you just stand there. You need to do hit and run, and honestly the combat is just a time waster. The only enemies worth fighting are bosses, everything else is just an obstacle.

As for the actual game, its similar to Majora’s Mask. You’ll spend a lot of time talking to everyone to figure out what you need to do or get clues and quests to make progress in your next run. You are timed, and the timer only isn’t ticking when you are in your menu. Even h scenes and talking to people lets the timer tick up. Which is both good and bad, depending on how much time you need to waste. You only really get access to about two ways to pass a lot of time, and a lot of events are time based. This can lead to a lot of boredom as you wait for the next day to start just so you can do something to go do something else. It can be fun, but if you get lost and can’t figure out anything you will be wasting a lot of time.

Luckily, you can run in this XP game which helps a lot in rushing around, as the map is decently large with a number of places, most having something for the player to do or collect.

H Scenes and Other Things

Human scenes are usually short sprite sex animations, while tentacles get cgs and short written scenes. none of the animations are replaybable though, only the cg scenes for some reason. Overall I find the scenes to be too short to be arousing(though the length makes sense for the game), as for the art all I can really say is the tentacle monsters all look very different and the colors seem a bit dull for tentacle porn. I will say I am thankful about where the cg room is. After a restart the clock doesn’t start ticking until you leave the first room, and the cg room is linked to that room. So if you go to the cg room right away there is no active time limit.

The tentacle monsters and Sakurako have unique sprites, every other asset is standard RPG Maker.

Final Verdict and Save

It’s unique. There are very few tentacle h games in English, but this one is not very good at the porn part. I can’t really say if the game is good or not as its a very hard type of game to judge. If you like the concept then try it, otherwise its a safe ignore.

Save contains all outfits(even two that are not in the game proper, one doesn’t work at all), all cgs/scenes unlocked, and all items that transfer when you go through time gotten. Also a save right before the final boss for the true ending with everything done.

Sakurako Matrix

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