XVI~The Tower of Liz~

H Scene Count- 81+ with 3 non H
Created by Clymenia, translated by Yorimashi
Length- 5~ hours

This is XVI~The Tower of Liz~. No I have no idea what the 16 means. Maybe it’s Clymenia’s 16th product? If so that’s kinda amazing.Anyway, corruption focused RPG Maker VxAce game.

Also, screenshots! I finally bothered to look up how to do screenshots of active windows. It’s really easy and I feel like an idiot. Any game I cover from now on should have some screenshots of some sort. No h scene shots but at least combat and some art to show what the game looks like.

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Drop Factory

H Scene Count- 60~ not counting battle/loss animations
Created by Bukatoma 300g, translated by mizuki/JKL/slaking
Length- 5-7 hours for a majority of the content, 20 for 100%.

Drop Factory is a free RPG Maker VX game by the person who made Vitamin Quest. It stars Shizuka, the cow idol from Idolmaster Cinderalla as she goes about a carefree life doing things.

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Shinobi Buster Mizuna

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/-y_ctghREtpi9HgZlOTdVgW_dEU8_H-TJ8TAr55CqjD6CNzG18uYooyqLSmRUEfeqNUke7LxvG81dTUecIeMcweydj3R=w506-h379H-Scene Count- 30

Created by T-ENTA-P, translated by elfloren

Length- 8-10 hours

This is an RPG Maker VxAce game focused on a girl who was cursed as a child with lust. To rid herself of the curse she sets out to kill the five ninjas involved with the event.

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Legend of Queen Opala- Origins: Part 1

H Scene Count-

Created by SweGabe

Length- ~8 hours

Consider this a stub. I’m just making this post for now to show the save, I won’t properly cover this game until a scene replay is in it. So for now, just a save.

Save contains all artworks gathered of all kinds as available in this part. An item that lets you go back through the story using my characters. And each save contains different versions of the main character in the gallery. Such as one save has the main character as a white guy, while another has him as black.

Legend of Queen Opala Origins




Lina and the Crystal of Wishes

H Scene Count- 18+ 2 joke scenes
Created by Souzai Soft and translated by SMDC Translations. Buyable on dlsite.
Length- 6-8 hours

This is an RPG Maker VXAce game where you play as Lina, a girl looking for her mother in a dungeon that changes shape. Here she meets two other girls looking for things in the dungeon and they set off on a surprisingly well done journey that tells the stories of the three girls and that of the dungeon itself.

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Ecchi Mery and the Perils of the Cosmic Shrine!


H-Scene Count- 30

Created by Anagura and sold on Mangagamer

Length- 3-5 hours

Purchase Link

Ecchi Mery is the first crowdfunded h game translation to actually be released. It’s an RPG maker VXAce game where you play as Mery and Mary, a magic noble girl and her ninja maid.

Disclaimer: I gave to the crowdfunder and so my opinion of the game may be effected by this fact.

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Vitamin Quest

H-Scene Count- 122 with lots of variations.
Creator- Butakoma 300g, translated by ?
Length- 2~ hours

Vitamin Quest is a RPG Maker VX game where you play Mikami(not her real name), a horny, huge chested elf wearing only a swimsuit who wants to bang a lot, have a lot of kids, and is returning a favor for a priestess she knows.

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Sacred Eyes

H-Scene Count- 52+21 virginity variations.

Created by enuemu, translated by Velociraptor Clit Thrust from ULMF. Buyable on Dlsite.

Length- 3-5 hours

-Update- A fully patched version was released for Christmas 2014 by HentaiUniverse for anyone to use. Can be found on Ulmf.


Sacred Eyes is an RPG Maker VX game that follows Milia, a blond busty girl who becomes a Saint Knight to protect a town she moved into from the increasing amounts of monsters that have been showing up and attacking people. By following the jobs given to her by the leader of the town guard she protects the peace and fights off monsters.

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Cum On! Bukkake Ranch ~Rear Elementals into Wet, Horny Girls~

H-Scene Count- 44

Created by Softhouse-Seal, published by Mangagamer

Length- 5-7 hours

Purchase Link

Welcome to the quirky adventure that is Bukkake Ranch! Come on down to see the amazing alchemist train his 4 sexy non-human girls in the arts of sex to obtain ingredients for the legendary Slut’s Stone! Visit exotic locations like Boob Mountains, Labia Lake, and Penis Forest. Continue reading