Official Company Releases Page

Here I’m going to list official 18+ game publishers and what they’ve released. No talk about what game is better or worth buying. Just the game names and main genres(gameplay and porn if its not just vanilla stuff).

Main reason for this page is the horrible sorting systems that the main three localization companies have. Some Nutaku of its games are mislabeled(Bukkake Ranch as a visual novel for instance or Panzermodels as a dating sim) though they do have a search function of sorts now. Mangagamer doesn’t have a gameplay tag and no way to just find a game by genre and even if you did no way to just find all the games in a single list. Jast at least has an RPG section even if not all of their games are listed in that.

Just to clear one thing up, I’m not going to list Denpasoft. All of its games are going to be on Nutaku so for all intents and purposes they are the same company lineup wise, so it’s more about do you want to support Sekai less or more. And no DLSite as they have a proper sort system. And so on with it.


Brave Soul(action RPG)

Eiyu*Senki- The World Conquest(Conquer SRPG)

Lightning Warrior Raidy 1(dungeon crawler, mostly S&M yuri)

Lightning Warrior Raidy 2(dungeon crawler, mostly S&M yuri)

Lightning Warrior Raidy 3(dungeon crawler)

Moero Downhill Night Blaze(driving)

Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048(SRPG, tentacle)

Princess Waltz(Card battles)

Romanesque(raising sim)


Yukkuri Panic Escalation(puzzle, S&M yuri)

Yumina the Ethereal(RPG)



Beat Blades Haruka(raising sim, lots of fetishes)

Boob Wars: Big Breasts vs Flat Chests(card battles)


Cum On! Bukkake Ranch! ~Rear Elementals Into Wet, Horny Girls~(raising sim of sorts, monster girls)

Demon Master Chris(Dungeon Crawler, yuri)

Desecration of Wings(RPG, prostitution)

Dungeon of Corruption(puzzle, rape)

Ecchi Mery and the Perils of the Cosmic Shrine(RPG)

Eroico(platformer,monster girls)

Fallen ~Makina and the City of Ruins~ (RPG, corruption)


Kara no Shojo(“adventure”)

Kara no Shojo Second Episode(“adventure”)

Koihime Musou(some RPS)

Mutiny!!(demihuman futa, puzzle)

Orc Castle(puzzle, monster rape)


Rance 5D-The Lonely Maiden-(RPG, rape)

Rance 6-Collapse of Zeth-(RPG, rape)

Really? Really!(“Adventure”)

Spirit Master of Retarnia(dungeon crawler,rape and vanilla)


(I’m not an affiliate with Nutaku so I won’t link directly to their games/store. Also not going to relist J-ast and MG games.)

Foto Flash(adventure, fanservice)

Ghost Town Gunsweeper(RPG)

Girls and Dungeons(RPG, not sure if sexual or just fanservice)


Kunoichi Rush(platformer)

Re;Lord 1(Mouse Based Action RPG)

Sakura Dungeon(Yuri dungeon crawler)

Shards of Eradine(Pokemon)

Shinobi Buster Mizuna(RPG, corruption)

Sunrider Academy(dating sim)

Sweet Seasons(puzzle)

Tactics Elemental(SRPG)

Tropical Liquor(Puzzle Concentration)

Sunrider Liberation Day(SRPG)


Bell Chimes for Gold(basic RPG otome)

Tropical Liquor(puzzle)