xMisc Other Websites

This is a list of sites that have several flash/RPG maker h games or are just notable for h games.

Purchasing Sites

Mangagmaer- The new localizers, have very few gameplay games. Their newer stuff is leagues better then their older translations.

J-ast/Jlist- The oldest current localization group. Very slow but has some big titles, including ones with gameplay.

dlsite- Has a lot of games and image sites, but very few in English, and even less with decent translations. Here is a notepad with all the English dlsite games with gameplay that I saw at a quick look, complete with genre.

Game Sites

hongfire.com- gets a new RPG maker project weekly, and has a lot of modding on Illusion’s titles. A few translation have started up here, but even less have finished or are in a good state.

lemmaisoft.renai.us- Has a member’s only adult section. A few games, this is where I found Aching Dreams 2nd.

newsground.com- Used to have a number of bad/stolen resources flash games, nowadays they still have a number of games(a few are even decent) but barely any new ones.

legendofkrystal.com- has a devoted flash community that has made a number of games with varied content.


ofBeatr- Kickstarter for adult stuff.

patreon- A newer site where you pay for subscriptions. Has a few hgames on it you can pay to play.


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